Russ is a yellow reach stacker who was introduced in Season 5. He works at The Docks and handles the sorting and lifting of containers. He also helps Harry and Hamish haul ships into the docks.

Technical Details


Russ is of a freelance design. Therefore, he is not based on a specific prototype.


Russ is painted yellow and gold with red and white-outlined linings, as well as a black cab roof and red arrows with white outlines. He also has a few red and white caution stripes on the back and on either side of his container connector.


  • Russ is the third crane chugger to be introduced into the series; the first being Skylar, the second being Jackman, and the fourth being Rosa.
  • Russ, along with Rosa and Tai are the only chuggers to date to not have received any merchandise.



Main Series

Russ has not appeared on the show since 2015.


Behind the Scenes



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