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“Thanks, Vee. I'll know exactly what to do. I'll be right on time!”

Running on Time is the thirteenth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirteenth episode overall.


Brewster and Koko wake up at the Roundhouses to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "Running On Time" badge- the trainees have to take a passenger run and Vee will see if they will run on schedule. The chuggers grab their passenger cars and meets up with Vee at the Depot. They each have to stop at two stations to pick the people up starting at 9:00, then continuing 5 minutes to end at a specific place. For Brewster, he ends at the Safari Park and for Koko she ends at the Ice Cream Factory.

Koko reaches at her station first but sees no one at the platform, so she quickly runs off, Brewster stops at his station, but waits to see if there are any other people to head to the Safari Park. Both of the chuggers keep rushing off and stopping slowly, they were losing a lot of time.

Koko stops at the Ice Cream Factory with no passagers at all, as for Brewster reached the Safari Park, but ended up become really late. Both of them understood their mistakes and went back to try again for their badges. This time, Koko was more careful and stopped at each station, and Brewster made sure that he left at the right time.

Brewster and Koko then returns to the Training Yard to earn their badges.


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  • In the American dub, Lorelei King goes uncredited for voicing Linda and The Female Passenger and Lance England for voicing Mr. Knot.

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