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The Roundhouse Park is a park located behind the Roundhouses. It is home to the Roundhouse Drive-In, and the trainees' favourite place to play in.


Roundhouse Park has been the center of many events throughout the series. One time, Wilson, Brewster and Koko were running round the park when Wilson hit a set of buffers, causing him to make an awful squeaking noise- while he dreaded going to the Repair Shed due to having never gone there before, Wilson found out that it wasn’t so bad after all.

Sometime later, Toot was dreading having to do track inspection; so, she lied about an illness she was apparently experiencing. Morgan told her that she would have to stay the night- much to Toot’s dismay, as Magnificent Mysterioso was performing at Roundhouse Park later that day. In the end, Toot owned up and was able to catch a bit of the show before it was over.

Sometime after that, Roundhouse Park was spruced up as part of Mayor Pullman's new campaign called "Beautify Chuggington". Around the same time, the big Chuggington Day celebration was also held at the park.


  • The small pond at Roundhouse Park is the only body of water in the Depot.




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