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Background Information[]

Rosa is a fictional crane locomotive created by Michael G. Stern.

Since her introduction in the sixth series, she has gone on to become a recurring character, starring in several episodes.

Rosa is most likely a hybrid of a rail ROBEL work crane truck and a Railpower GG20B. She is painted Caribbean green with red highlights, as well as a yellow and purple crane.

Behind the Scenes[]

CGI model[]

In 2019, Rosa was modeled by Shanghai Motion Magic Digital for the production of the sixth series. The model of Skylar, of which Rosa reused, had been modeled internally by Ludorum in the 3D modeling software Sketchup in 2010.

Other than being re-textured, the model stayed virtually intact, featuring no further changes. However, Skylar would still be used as a stand-in for Rosa in the storyboards for the sixth series.

Voice Actors[]

  • Tiana Camacho (UK/US)
  • Claudia Victoria (Brazil)
  • Annalena Doss (Germany)
  • Karen Hernández (Latin America)
  • Julia Łukowiak (Poland)