Rosa is a Spanish crane chugger from San Locomota and a member of the Chuggineers who was introduced in Season 6.


Rosa is an chugger with plenty of experience with her work in San Locomota! While she mainly specializes in construction work, she has experience and knowledge in multiple areas, such as using a map to plan a passenger route with how complicated the rail network back home was.


Rosa moved to Chuggington from San Locomota upon learning there were interesting jobs for crane chuggers. The trainees tried to help her find a job she'd like with Koko showing her passenger pickups and Wilson showing her rock-hauling, but neither job seemed suitable for her. When Brewster struggles with repairing a pedestrian bridge in the Depot, she shows him a structural technique they do in San Locomota, which considerably strengthened the bridge. Upon seeing this, Zack invited her to join the Chuggineers, which she accepted with an open crane arm.

Sometime later, she participated in and won the Rock Toss during the Chugtastic Games.

During her first winter in Chuggington, she helped prepare for the annual Festival of Lights, while beginning to feel homesick for San Locomota and their annual winter festival: Noche De Estrellas. Wilson, Brewster, and Koko offer to go with her to visit home for the holidays (with the plan to return back to Chuggington the following day for the Festival of Lights), only to get trapped on the High Mountain Pass. Rosa helps them to get out to safety, but is left depressed after the ordeal and ultimately missing the festival. The trainees cheer her up by not only inviting her to the Festival of Lights, but also holding their own Noche De Estrellas party in the Drop and Load Yard, which touches Rosa and makes her glad to be truly Home for the Holidays.

Technical Details


Rosa is based on a rail ROBEL work crane truck, commonly used in Europe. She is also based on a Railpower GG20B, hence her cab design.


Rosa is painted Caribbean Green and red paint on her bodywork, and yellow and purple on her crane.


Main Series



  • Rosa shares the same model as Skylar, albeit in a teal and red livery, a yellow and purple crane, and a pattern along her footplate.
  • Rosa is the second character to join the Chuggineers on screen, with the first being Brewster.




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