Chuggington has a vast variety of rolling stock, all found in the loading yard. The rolling stock are train cars that Chuggers can pull. The rolling stock vary from rescue cars to ice cream cars, recycling cars to coaches.


Coaches are rolling stock that carry passengers on tracks they are pulled all around Chuggington. They are very modern and are coloured grey with automatic opening doors. They are seen with Emery alot.

Hopper Trucks

Poor old puffer pete

Brewster pulls a Hopper Car.

A Hopper Truck is the most common piece of rolling stock, nearly every chugger has pulled a hopper car at least once. The hopper cars have doors on the bottom, so when a chugger is carrying a load in the hopper car, it has to open the doors to drop the load.


A Boxcar is a truck, which is a common piece of rolling stock, like the Hopper cars, several chuggers have been seen pulling it. It has a conveyor belt to load and unload goods from places.

Refrigerator Cars

Refrigerator Trucks are a type of rolling stock, they carry food around Chuggington. They contain a lot of mass and therefore are heavy to pull around, most likely due to the thick steel shell to keep the contents cold.


A Flatbed is a truck with no walls good for carrying broken or new Chuggers.

Recycling Trucks

A Recycling Truck is a rolling stock that carries rubbish to recycle. Irving is seen pulling them serveral times.

Safari Trucks

Safari Trucks are rolling stock that carry zoo animals and bring food for zoo animals. M'tambo pulls these cars, but Wilson delivered Ebo the Elephant in them.

Ice Cream Cars


An old Ice Cream Car


An Ice Cream Car

An Ice Cream Car is a rolling stock that can serve ice cream cones to people. Frostini is seen pulling these several times, but the trainees have pulled them before, Wilson pulled a special old one that only Old Puffer Pete remembers about.

Training Trucks

A Training Truck is a railroad car that can get the trainees trained. The Leaf Blower car and the passenger car were seen in the episode, Wilson's Smooth Moves among other episodes. The only people who have pulled it were the trainees. The Training Passenger truck is a training truck with dummies. When a chugger pulling the car wobbles or goes too fast, the dummies laugh.

Rescue Trucks

A Rescue Truck is a rolling stock that can save people and animals. Calley is mostly seen pulling these, but other chuggers have been seen pulling the water hose car.

Painting Wagons

A Painting Wagon is used for painting walls. The paint wagon can mix colours. It has red, yellow, blue, white and black.

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