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Chuggington has a vast variety of rolling stock, stored at the Rolling Stock Yard and the Rolling Stock Store underground. The rolling stock consists of different train cars that the chuggers can pull, each designed for a different job and thus varying from rescue cars and recycling cars to ice cream cars and coaches. This page is a list of all the different types of rolling stock in Chuggington, listed in alphabetical order.

Ambulance Wagons[]

Main Article: Ambulance Wagons

Ambulance Wagons are a special type of railway cars used for transporting people during emergencies. They feature a loud siren.


Main Article: Boxcars

Boxcars, coming in three different shapes and sizes, are another common piece of rolling stock. They feature sliding doors and a conveyor belt to load and unload goods from different locations.

Camera Car[]

Main Article: Camera Car

The Camera Car is a special railway car designed for taking pictures and recording videos.

Chug Booster[]

Main Article: Chug Booster

The Chug Booster is an automatic wagon desinged by Dr. Ling to make the chuggers go faster. Its model was later modified to become CP2, one of the Chug Patrol wagons.

Chug Patrol Wagons[]

Main Article: Chug Patrol Wagons

The Chug Patrol Wagons are pieces of rolling stock that can be used for track maintenance and saving chuggers, people and animals. These wagons are mainly used by the members of Chug Patrol and there are multiple different types of them, all designed for different emergencies.

Chuggineering Wagons[]

Main Article: Chuggineering Wagons

The Chuggineering Wagons, mainly used by the Chuggineers, are types of rolling stock used for repairing, building and demolishing things around Chuggington. There's also a special car used for excavating tunnels

Daley's Mail Carriages[]

Main Article: Daley's Mail Carriages

Daley's Mail Carriages, mostly used by Daley himself, are a special type of rolling stock designed for collecting packages quickly.

Eddie's Caboose[]

Main Article: Eddie's Caboose

Eddie's Caboose is an old caboose that was repaired by Morgan and Lori to become a new home for Eddie.


Main Article: Flatcars

A Flatcar is a truck with no walls good for carrying containers or materials such as bricks.

Greaser Cars[]

Main Article: Greaser Cars

The oil-filled Greaser Cars are some of the smallest pieces of rolling stock in Chuggington.

Hopper Cars[]

Main Article: Hopper Cars

A Hopper Car is the most common piece of rolling stock, being used by the vast majority of chuggers pulling different loads. The hopper cars have doors on the bottom so a chugger can drop their load when needed. The cars have sported a variety of different liveries during the series' run.

Ice Cream Cars[]

Main Article: Ice Cream Cars

An Ice Cream Car is a piece of rolling stock used for serving ice cream cones to people. Alongside the modern ones, an older model from Old Puffer Pete's youth also appeared in the show.

Juicer Wagon[]

Main Article: Juicer Wagon

The Juicer Wagon machine used to make juice for the people in Chuggington.

Leaf Blowers[]

Main Article: Leaf Blowers

Leaf Blowers are pieces of rolling stock used for blowing debris, such as leaves, off the tracks.

Litter Picking Wagons[]

Main Article: Litter Picking Wagons

Litter Picking Wagons, as the name suggests, are small railway cars used for picking up rubbish.

Low-Sided Gondolas[]

Main Article: Low-Sided Gondolas

Low-Sided Gondolas are low-walled pieces of rolling stock used for carrying small and often lightweight items.

Magnet Car[]

Main Article: Magnet Car

The Magnet Car is a special railroad car used for all sorts of jobs that require picking up metal.

Mail Cars[]

Main Article: Mail Cars

Mail Cars are rolling stock designed for carrying mail around Chuggington. They feature opening doors and a moving rack used for grabbing mail sacks.

Newspaper Delivery Wagons[]

Main Article: Newspaper Delivery Wagons

Newspaper Delivery Wagons are small wagons used for delivering newspapers. They feature a laser pointer to help chuggers aim at mailboxes and a grabber arm for throwing papers into them.

Paint Wagons[]

Main Article: Paint Wagons

A Paint Wagon is a piece of rolling stock used for painting things such as walls. The colours the wagon includes are red, yellow, blue, white and black; however, the chugger using the car can mix them up however they want.

Passenger Coaches[]

Main Article: Passenger Carriages

Passenger Coaches are rolling stock that carry passengers on tracks as they are being pulled all around Chuggington. They feature automatic opening doors and have appeared in multiple different liveries, many of which have been specifically designed to match the passenger chugger pulling them.

Pasting Cars[]

Main Article: Pasting Cars

A Pasting Car is a piece of rolling stock used with a brush and glue to paste posters on the walls of Chuggington to promote big events that are occuring.

Popcorn Car[]

Main Article: Popcorn Car

The Popcorn Car is an old machine used to make popcorn for a movie or a big event.

Radio Car[]

Main Article: Radio Chuggington

The Radio Car is a special type of rolling stock designed for recording and broadcasting audio on the radio.

Recycling Cars[]

Main Article: Recycling Cars

A Recycling Car is a type of rolling stock designed for carrying recycling. They sport three different liveries depending on the type of recycling they contain.

Refrigerator Cars[]

Main Article: Refrigerator Cars

Refrigerator Cars are a type of rolling stock used for carrying food, often the products of Frostini's factory, around Chuggington. They contain a lot of mass and therefore are heavy to pull around, most likely due to their thick steel shell to keep the contents cold.

Rescue Wagons[]

Main Article: Rescue Wagons

A variety of different Rescue Wagons were used by Calley during her days as Chuggington's sole rescue engine. In the fourth season, they were replaced by the Chug Patrol Wagons.

Safari Cars[]

Main Article: Safari Cars

Safari Cars are rolling stock used for carrying the animals of the Safari Park. There are different types of them specifically designed for different animals.


Main Article: The Scrub-A-Chug

The Scrub-A-Chug is a special cleaning wagon often used for cleaning tunnels around Chuggington.


Main Article: Snowploughs

There are some snowploughs that chuggers can couple up to with rotatory blades to clear away snow.

Spill-Sponger 330[]

Main Article: Spill-Sponger 330

The Spill-Sponger 330 Zed Model is a machine used to clean up stains on the track.


Main Article: Tankers

Tankers, coloured orange, teal or green, are a type of rolling stock used for carrying different liquid substances.


Main Article: Terry

Terry is Old Puffer Pete's old tender car.

Timber Wagons[]

Main Article: Timber Wagons

Timber Wagons are a type of rolling stock used for carrying logs of wood. They are flatbeds equipped with metal claws for keeping the logs in place.

Tipper Wagons[]

Main Article: Tipper Wagons

Tipper Wagons are pieces of rolling stock designed for transporting materials such as soil. They feature tipping beds for dropping the load quickly and easily. There are two different kinds of them in Chuggington; small black ones and bigger red ones often used by Irving at the Recycling Yard.

Training Coaches[]

Main Article: Training Coaches

Training Coaches are railroad cars used for teaching the trainees how to pull passengers. They feature dummies that make a loud noise if the car is not being pulled along smoothly enough.

Training Wheels[]

Main Article: Training Wheels

Training Wheels are small sets of four wheels used to help the youngest of chuggers carry their balance while on tracks.

Wagon Cranes[]

Main Article: Wagon Cranes

A Wagon Crane is a wagon with a crane arm attached to pick things up. There are two different kinds of them in Chuggington; large yellow ones and smaller red ones that feature a box for storing things.

Washer Wagon[]

Main Article: Washer Wagon

The Washer Wagon is a piece of rolling stock used for cleaning things such as windows.