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Rocky Ridge Quarry is a quarry located at the top of the mountain, and the hub of the mining network around it. The quarry was introduced in the first season as the "Mountain Quarry"- it was initially managed by Karen, who would control a shute for loading hopper cars. Between the end of the third season and the start of the fourth, it was expanded and renamed as Rocky Ridge Quarry. Speedy now works here with Karen, with Brewster occasionally assisting them. As of the sixth season, Old Puffer Pete runs it and is simply referred to as "the Quarry" again.


When Brewster and Wilson first came to the quarry, Brewster took all of the rock for himself as a result of him becoming conceited- leaving Wilson nothing but dust. Unfortunately, this proved to be a bad decision as his heavy load caused Brewster to become a runaway. Shortly afterwards, the trainees all brought a huge line of hopper cars to the quarry for Olwin to collect.

After becoming tired of staying in the Depot, Piper later coupled on to Chatsworth's train heading towards the quarry, where Karen gave her a kind welcome. Wilson, who was chasing after Piper, managed to stop her in one of the Chug Catchers.

Wilson, Brewster and Koko later spent their last day before starting advanced training at Rocky Ridge Quarry. While Brewster and Koko left to explore Rocky Ridge Mine, Wilson practiced with CP1 on one of the old tipping wagons- however, it began to roll down the mountain; Wilson tried to stop it, but ended up detailing himself and had to be rescued by Skylar.

The "rock toss" tournament of the Chugtastic Games also takes place here, as well as a majority of the narration for "The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive".




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  • Die-Cast (discontinued)
  • Interactive Railway (Mountain Quarry; discontinued)