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Rocky Ridge Mine is a tunnel network located inside the mountain. The mine is used to collect valuable materials and also to test flares.


Rocky Ridge Mine is old, dark and lonely- a very easy place to get lost in. The mine consists of the following:

The mine is very old and prone to collapsing. When Koko and Brewster explored the mine, Koko ended up derailing; thankfully, she was rescued by Wilson before the mine collapsed.

Sometime before this, Hoot and Toot were being lectured by Olwin about rescue signals; the twins ran off into the mine, believing Olwin was far in front of them, only to find out that what they thought was her voice was actually an echo. Olwin ventured into the mine to find Hoot and Toot, but ran out of steam- and after deciding that it was better to work together, the twins pushed Olwin out of the mine.

As of now, it seems that Rocky Ridge Mine has now been completely mined through, and is now completely abandoned.