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Refrigerator Cars or refrigeration wagons are wagons built for carrying refrigerated foods, typically ice cream. Some of the cars are "chugger powered", meaning that they rely on their source of energy by being pulled along the tracks.


When Wilson was assigned to deliver Frostini's new ice cream flavour to the ice cream fair at Felix's farm, he was carried away by Frostini's tour of the Ice Cream Factory. When he finally started the journey to the farm, he found the cars to be extremely heavy and after much thinking, asked Frostini for help hauling the cars to which he accepted. Thankfully, the attendees at the fair were able to enjoy some ice cream- even if it was later than expected.

Later on, Wilson, Brewster and Koko assisted Frostini by taking the remaining ice cream from the factory after a power cut while he and Speedy left to retrieve some ice. Unfortunately, by the time that he returned, the trainees had fallen asleep and the ice cream had melted- on the eve of the hottest day of the year. Speedy then had the idea to make ice cream soup with the melted ice cream, which was a success.

Wilson, Brewster and Koko were later assigned to haul a load of ice cream to the Docks to be exported; however, on the first run Koko derailed, causing her to lose her condfidence. On the last run, Koko noticed that the Refrigerator car that she has hauled during her accident (now being pulled by Brewster) had a damaged wheel. Luckily, Koko was able to stop Brewster from derailing like she did; Koko was also happy to know that her accident was not her own fault.

Technical Details[]


Refrigerator cars are very loosely based on generic boxcars used throughout the United States.


Refrigerator cars are painted teal with cream roofs and dark blue bogies and the Ice Cream Factory logo on its side.



  • The refrigerator cars' wheel trucks are reused from that of Wilson's original model.




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