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Rattling Rivets is a UK, Australian, and Canadian DVD featuring six episodes from the first season. It would be distributed by 2 Entertain in the United Kingdom, Phase 4 Films, Kaboom Entertainment and Nelvana in Canada, and Roadshow Entertainment in Australia.


Running on time, passengers to take, hauling loads, pick-ups to make! As trainees Wilson, Koko, and Brewster are learning it's a busy life for a chugger - but there's still always time for some adventure and lots of fun. Choo! Choo! In these five traintastic episodes, Harrison's snoring keep the engines awake; the chuggers play a game of hide and seek and Koko finds a lost puppy. Meanwhile, the trainees try to photoshoot - and actually meet Action Engine when the movie-hero steps out from the big screens!


  1. Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
  2. Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
  3. Poor Old Puffer Pete
  4. Brewster Knows Best
  5. Bubbly Olwin
  6. Koko's Puppy Training

Bonus Features[]

Special Edition[]

A special edition release of this DVD comes with Chugger Championship Old Puffer Pete.


  • For unknown reasons, the description of the DVD refers Action Chugger to "Action Engine".


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