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“Look, we've made a rainbow!"
―Brewster and Koko

Rainbow Chuggers is the third episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the third episode overall.


At the Roundhouses, Vee greets Brewster and Koko and instructs them on how to earn their colour badges- the two trainees must find several differently coloured hopper cars in hidden locations, and align them to form a "special surprise". She then gives the first clue to Brewster- "Your car is the colour of a round fruit that you peel- you will find it in a place where they melt lots of steel." Brewster quickly figures the location to be the Foundry, and swiftly heads there.

At Roundhouse Park, Koko repeats the clue she was given and finds the red hopper car at the drive-in. Vee congratulates Koko, and gives her the next clue- "This car is the colour of the bright summer sun- it's parked in a field where sheep skip and run." Koko then heads to the farm.

At the Foundry, Vee gives Brewster another clue- "Your next car means go- you leave when you please- you'll find it in a place that it chock full of trees." Thus, Brewster leaves for the forest. Meanwhile, at the farm, Vee tells Koko yet another clue- "This car is the colour of the big blue sky- it's hidden somewhere very cold, I cannot tell a lie."

Koko finds herself stumped when Brewster pulls up next to her to meet Vee for his final clue. "You last car is the colour of grapes on the vines- you can find it and then take a tour- if there's time." Koko realises that the location is Safari Park, and decides to retrieve the wagon before Brewster can get there.

At Safari Park, Koko meets Wilson, who is serving ice cream. The mention of ice cream makes Koko realise that the the "cold place" is the Ice Cream Factory. Brewster passes by shortly afterwards, and asks Wilson if he had seen a purple car to no avail, leading Brewster to venture inside of the park. Koko then collects the blue hopper car and leaves the purple car at the factory.

At the Loading Yard, both Koko and Brewster arrive. Brewster tells Vee that he has given up searching, and Koko owns up- telling them what she had done, sincerely apologising. Then, Wilson arrives with the purple hopper car, stating that it had been left at the factory.

Both Koko and Brewster align all of the hopper cars and form a rainbow. Vee states that she believes Koko to have learned her lesson, and awards both of the trainees their badges- much to Koko's delight.


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  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of Bodge Quest.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the yellow, purple and orange hopper cars, which would make infrequent appearances going forward.


  • Koko's rear coupler clips through her underbody as she arrives at the Loading Yard.

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