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Rag Barnstaple is a journalist for the Chuggington Life newspaper.


Rag, as a journalist is always trying to get a good story. One day, Zephie is given the task to take Rag Barnstaple and Snap to interview Action Chugger for his new movie. However, Zephie accidentally loss his press pass, not allowing Rag to get in for his interview. Rag did however get a much more interesting story about Zephie flying around with Actiong Chugger.[1]

Another time, Emery was assisted to give a ride to Rag prepare him for the Magnificent Mysterioso's big show. Due to Emery's obsession of being in the paper, he ruined Mysterioso's original show, but manged to get in the paper by making up for it by being in the show itself.[2]


Rag is always willing to get a good story and is very proud of his job because of it. The moment something catches his eye, he'll find a way to make it interesting and pop to the readers on paper. He tends to break down when things don't go his way, but he manages to find a loophole make up for it.


Rag is dressed up with a grey blazer and white shirt. He has a cream and blue striped tie with a bowler hat,



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