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Radio Chuggington is a radio station currently run by Wilson and Old Puffer Pete. It first appeared in Wilson's Broadcast Blues.


Radio Chuggington is recorded via a special car equipped with a microphone. The audio come out through special speakers placed throughout Chuggington. The radio show was allegedly around in Old Town and in the early days of current Chuggington, but stopped being used after a while with all the speakers being abandoned. The car was later fixed and Radio Chuggington is now a regular part of Chuggington.


Rolling Radio Host Wilson[]

Rolling Radio Host Wilson is a show hosted by Wilson where he covers the latest news around Chuggington. He once used his show to his advantage by making up a fake story about a rhino stampede to attract other chuggers.

The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive[]

The Adventures of the Lone Locomotive was initially part of the original Radio Chuggington. It is currently told by Wilson with Old Puffer Pete adding sound effects. In one story, the Lone Locomotive is tied to a bridge having to face against the evil Dr. Steam Engine.

Rock 'n' Rollers[]

This article is about the band. You may be looking for the episode.

The Rock ‘n’ Rollers is a band comprised of Wilson, Brewster, and Koko. They make songs by using their horns, wheels, etc. Their first full song is titled "Roll With It".

The Record Breakers[]

This article is about the show. You may be looking for the episode.

The Record Breakers is an event where chuggers reviewed by Wilson try to break a new Chuggington record.