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“That's my Hodge! He's one-of-a-kind!"
"Just like his axle!”
―Eddie and Wilson

Quizmaster Hodge is the tenth episode of the second season.


Hodge is excited to have his morning off work. Knowing that later that evening there will be a ChugQuiz test, he starts to revise his knowledge while moving around the main depot area, since he is extremely knowledgeable in Chuggington facts and figures, thanks to his long experience of working on technical areas. However, he stumbles upon Brewster, Emery, Wilson and Puffer Pete eavesdropping near the Repair Shed. Inside, the main quiz invigilator, Harrison, has a malfunction in his voicebox and cannot speak properly: the voice is high pitched and squeaky. Morgan and Lori suspend Harrison on the rotator. The chuggers outside overhear their conversation and start laughing. Wilson, knowing that Harrison can't help it, advises the others not to laugh at him.

Harrison tries to explain to Morgan that he needs to rehearse the quiz questions, and tries to convince Morgan to fix the broken speaker quickly, but lack of logistics in Chuggington means that the replacement part will not arrive until tomorrow. Morgan disconnects the cable supplying Harrison's voicebox and tells him he won't be able to speak until the new part arrives.

Vee recruits Hodge to take Harrison's place. Excited, Hodge quickly thinks of more ideas, but he and Eddie also have work to do. Hodge drives Eddie to the main city to fix some track. When they arrive at the section in the city that needs replacing, Hodge tells Eddie to make things snappy so he can think of ideas afterwards. Eddie asks Hodge to pick up four pieces of track. To save time, Hodge decides to take the heavy load in one batch.

En-route back, Vee checks on Hodge, but since he has so much work to do, he resigns to the fact that it may likely be the worst ChugQuiz ever. Meanwhile, Brewster and Wilson are having a training session with Calley in the city. They practise travelling at high speeds with an ambulance car to rescue other people and chuggers. Wilson successfully completes the speedrun, but Brewster, not designed for emergency speed, fails the test, but is given the option to do another session.

Hodge is approaching the tunnel when Emery sees his heavy load, and Hodge is struggling to pull it. He advises him to cut it short, but Hodge dismisses it. They pass and Hodge moves down the tunnel. A few miles in, his front axle couldn't bear the torque and weight forces, that it snaps and breaks off, causing Hodge to crash onto the track. Hodge then activates his emergency location system.

Eddie, hearing the alarm, tells Calley, Brewster and Wilson that Hodge needs rescuing. When they reach Hodge in the tunnel, Eddie spots his broken axle. Calley tows him to the Repair Shed.

Morgan examines his axle support bracket, and realises that his supply of spare axles does not fit, as Hodge is made entirely from recycled parts. Morgan tells Hodge he'll have to stay at the Repair Shed, until he and Eddie manage to figure out what to do. Hodge is very frustrated and disappointed because his ChugQuiz will be cancelled.

Wilson, overhearing their suspicious conversation, has a brainwave idea - to immediately make a new axle at the foundry. Calley calls him a genius, and the two head off to the steel plant. Brewster comes by to check on Hodge, to see that he is suspended by a jack device. Brewster kindly shows some empathy and the two talk. Hodge tells Brewster that he has gotten lots of ideas and now has "all the time in the world" to think about more, knowing that he has to wait for the next ChugQuiz.

Meanwhile at the foundry, Calley and Wilson watch the steel casting process. Calley lectures to Wilson how the process works, and with excitement, the two collect the new axle from the production line. They travel back to the depot, to the repair shed. When Hodge sees the surprise, he is absolutely thrilled!

Morgan then reinstates the ChugQuiz through Vee, and the trio get together and fix his wheels.

That night, Hodge is now hosting the ChugQuiz, and Vee is the announcer. Team Brewster gets two questions correct, while Team Emery still has nothing, but they're determined. When Hodge gives the next question about how many tons of metal are melted at the steel mill foundry each day, the camera turns towards Eddie, who is proud about Hodge and says: "That's my Hodge, he's one of a kind."

The camera turns towards a smiling Hodge and his gleaming axle, and the episode ends.


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  • Going by production order, this is the twelfth episode of the second season.
  • This is the first episode, along with Wilson and the Dinosaur, to air in the US under the title of Disney Junior.
  • This episode reveals a lot interesting facts about Chuggington:
    • Old Puffer Pete has been to Tootington 586 times.
    • Irving recycles 3 tons (2721.55 kg) of paper a week.
    • There are 26 signal lights in the Depot.
    • The Chug Wash has 46 moving parts.
    • Hodge has carried layers of track 328 times.
    • It takes 1 1/2 clickly-clacks (1 1/2 seconds) for Emery's doors to open.
    • Frostini makes 67 flavours of ice cream in his factory.
    • It was in the film The Rolling Adventures of Action Chugger that Action Chugger performed his first barrel role.
    • A chugger's voice box can be removed to stop them from talking.
    • Hodge is not like the other chuggers; he was custom-built. Quoted by Calley, "They broke the mold when they made him".
  • This marks the first inside appearance of the Foundry.


  • In the description of the Australian DVD, All Buckled Up! states that "the Quizmaster" (Harrison) has gone missing, although what really happened was that his voice box malfunctioned.