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“Okay, Koko, when I say 'pull', you pull and I'll push."
"No, Wilson! When
I say 'pull', you pull and I'll push."
"Ahh! You're squishing me!”
―Wilson, Koko and Zephie

Pull Together is the fifth episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirty-first episode overall.


Wilson and Koko head over to the depot to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "snow rescue" badges. Zephie volunteered to be stranded in the snow and the trainees will have to work together to help her out. On their way there, Wilson had some trouble clearing the snow away, as for Koko, she just zoomed past with a single break, leaving poor Wilson behind.

At last, Wilson and Koko reached the end of the mountain where they saw Zephie stuck in a bank of snow. The two chuggers then started to argue about who clears the most amount of snow off of her. Soon, Zephie was out, but Wilson and Koko starting arguing again over who will push and pull. But that only made things worse as their constant quarreling soon caused Zephie to tip over on her side and fall in the snow. Both Wilson and Koko knew they made a big mistake. To get her out for the second time, Koko went over to Calley's Shed to get a crane, while Wilson stayed behind to keep Zephie cheerful while they waited. Finally, when Koko returned with the breakdown crane, Wilson guided her where to go, and soon Zephie was back on the rails again.

The trainees later headed back to the Training Yard to earn their badges.


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  • This is the first Badge Quest episode to take place during the winter.
  • Stock footage from Snowstruck Wilson is used.

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