Poor Old Puffer Pete is the 35th episode of Season 1.


Zephie overhears Morgan and Lori talking about scrapping something over a hundred years old, causing her and Brewster to think that Old Puffer Pete is going to be sent to the scrapyard. The two spend their day trying to save Pete by trying to prove he's still a useful chugger. Later they find out everything was a misunderstanding: Morgan and Lori were not talking about Pete himself, but about his old tender car Terry.



  • This is the first episode not to feature Wilson and Koko, but Brewster is the only trainee to feature.
  • This episode reveals that Old Puffer Pete used to a tender engine when he was younger,
  • In the UK dub Old Puffer Pete says I don't want to be Old Pongy Pete, but in the US dub he says I don't want to be Old Stinky Pete, which is likely a reference to the Toy Story 2 character with the same name.
  • This episode, along with Action Brewster are the only episodes Plarail has made merchandise for.


  • In two scenes, Pete has Olwin's whistle sound.
  • When Zephie is talking to Vee after Pete reenters the Chug Wash the switches she's on are textured incorrectly.



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