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The Pond Station is a station located at the countryside of Chuggington.


The Pond Station's been shown to be along a route commonly used by chuggers, and correspondingly, some notable events have occurred there. The place was first introduced in Mtambo's Royal Tour, when Dunbar taught the trainees how to do sharp turns there as a part of their training. Sometime later, Action Chugger fell there from the sky after getting a tree branch stuck in one of his jet engines, resulting in Brewster having to rescue him only using a litter picking car. Around the same time Wilson also derailed there due to an uneven load. Another accident occurred near the Station sometime later, when Chatsworth got stuck in Longload Tunnel. Luckily, the trainees managed to quickly get him out.



  • An entrance to Longload Tunnel was added to the set between the first and second seasons.
  • Loop Station, a near-identical set lacking the pond and the tunnel is a modification of the set.