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Background information[]

Payce is a fictional electric locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

She first appeared in the twenty-first episode of the fourth series, We Are the Chuggineers.

Payce is possibly based on a member of the Siemens Velaro type of locomotive and is painted yellow and white with a dark blue and black underbody.

Payce has not appeared in the series since the fifth series, but her original CGI model was reused for Daley, a character introduced in the fifth series.

CGI model[]

Between 2012 and 2013, Payce was designed and modelled by Ludorum in the 3D modelling software Maya during the production of the fourth series. The model was last used in the fifth series episode, Delivery Challenge.

In 2014, Payce's model was modified and used as Daley, a high-speed courier chugger. Daley's model differentiates from Payce's in its red, black, and white livery, slightly altered shape, and other details, such as the horn and jaw.


Voice actors[]

  • Ruth Zielinski (UK)
  • Siu-see Hung (US)
  • Reeta Vestman (Finland)
  • Shiori Matsuda (Japan)
  • Agnieszka Kunikowska (Poland)
  • Zhanna Nikonova (Russia; Season 4)
  • Olga Shorokhova (Russia; Season 5)