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“This is a disaster! I've let a sleep-riding chugger into the park!”

Park Patroller Wilson is the twelfth episode of the fourth season.


Wilson has to guard the Safari Park while the Chuggineers work at night to replace some track. His patrol is fairly uneventful until Pete rolls up behaving very strangely and talking nonsense. It turns out that Pete is sleep-riding and must be taken back to the depot.

Not long after, Pete appears again and Wilson rushes all around Chuggington trying to catch him. Pete happily wanders through the rhino enclosure and then pays the Chuggineers a visit. Wilson thinks hard and devises a plan - he clamps Pete onto one of the CP transporter wagons. Now Pete can't go anywhere and will be safe for the rest of the night.

Pete wakes up feeling very rested; Wilson, on the other wheel, is exhausted after all that running around!


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  • This episode marks the first of two things.
    • The first episode in which Toot speaks, but Hoot does not.
    • The first episode in which Pete is seen wearing headlamps.
    • The time the Underground Tunnels were shown in an episode since the second season episode, Hodge and the Chugnav.


  • In the US credits, Ben Hudson is listed despite Hoot not having any vocal lines in the episode and Tony Terraciano goes uncredited for voicing Wilson.
    • In the remastered credits, Edward Sharpe was incorrectly credited for Wilson in the US dub and Ben Hudson is still credited for voicing Hoot.
  • Before Pete distracted him away, Wilson was incorrectly heading back to the Safari Park through the Blue Tunnel instead of the Green Tunnel.