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Paint Wagons are wagons equipped with a sprayer and black, white, red, blue and yellow paint for painting things and marking sections of track for reparing.


When Wilson, Brewster and Koko first used paint wagons, Wilson had much trouble colouring inside the lines and became distracted easily. Pete offered to help him, and the two went to Old Town where he helped Wilson master the wagon. Afterwards, Wilson decided to paint a butterfly on his roundhouse door, but had to cover it up after Chatsworth found out that he didn’t ask permission. Chatsworth then had the idea to paint something on the Training Yard wall (with permission, of course) to which everyone was amazed at.[1]

Later on, Koko and Zephie used a paint wagon to paint their faces; however, both chuggers were upset with each other, and out of anger Koko painted spiders on Zephie, to which she gave Koko a beard.[2]Around this time when Hoot and Toot were learning the paint car, Wilson used his skills to paint a picture of them on a painting board.[3] The two would eventually use it to mark bad bits of track when placed on track inspection duty.[4]

Wilson and Koko also used some paint cars to spray each line so that Tai would know her way around Chuggington - which was unfortunately washed away during a storm sometime after, forcing Tai to finally swallow her pride and ask for help.[5]

Technical Details[]


Paint cars have grey foot plates, black wheel spokes and blue and teal bases for the paint cans and sprayer to sit on.



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