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Outward Bound Olwin is the nineteenth aired episode of Season 1, but the twentieth in production order.


The three trainees are going with Olwin for the day to earn their Navigation Badges. On their way to the Training Yard, they meet Hodge and Zephie, who tease them about going with Olwin as they know well from their training that Olwin treats the trainees like babies. The trainees think that this is nonsense, but they are proved wrong when Olwin tells them to follow her single-file and say "Slow, Glow, Blow!" behind her.

Throughout their training, Olwin plays I Spy with the trainees and goes very slow, which makes the trainees feel very silly. Just outside the Quarry, Wilson sees Chatsworth and wants to talk to him, but Olwin doesn't allow it as she doesn't want the trainees out of her sight. Very soon, Olwin stops to check if everyone's here, which the trainees are all here. As Olwin checks in Wilson, he says, "Here!" in a very serious way. Olwin says she can tells someone's (Wilson) getting a little cranky, and it is time for a rest for a few minutes (as she calls it, a "nappy-nap nap"). The three trainees have had quite enough of Olwin's fussiness, so they go off exploring as they don't feel tired at all, leaving Olwin behind and still asleep.

The trainees go to the Old Town of Chuggington and play I Spy until the fog rolls in, making it difficult for them to see. Then, they remember Olwin saying "Slow, Glow, Blow!" and they manage to get out of the Old Town and find Olwin, who was looking for them. Olwin apologises for her fussiness and decides to play Ten Green Signal Lights with them.







  • Wilson's back bogie wheels are derailed at the beginning scene of the episode.
  • When Olwin and the Trainees leave The Depot, they go into the green tunnel but come out of the yellow one.
  • Zephie's wheel trucks clip through her body after Olwin and the Trainees enter the green tunnel.
  • In the US credits, Johnnie Fiori is listed for voicing Vee, but she does not appear in the episode.