Olwin is a British steam locomotive who is very wise and kind.


Olwin is the most motherly of all the Chuggington characters. Olwin likes to keep her paint work looking pristine and would rather not be asked to complete dirty tasks. She is happy to help the trainees but sometimes embarrasses and babysits them by calling them “little chugg-a-chuggs”. Olwin is a well respected engine and is always there when a chugger is in need of a ‘bumper’ to cry on!


Olwin is similar to a tender-less LNER Class A4 locomotive.


  • Despite being based on one, Olwin was a tender engine, but now she is a tank engine. When she collects coal, it is deposited through an opening in her cab roof, and water is stored centrally in the boiler, similar to Speedy McAllister.
  • Olwin was the youngest steam locomotive until Piper entered the series.
  • Her whistle sound is reused from the ship from Howl's Moving Castle.
  • Her basis locomotives are the same as Spencer from Thomas & Friends.
  • She has a strong fear of the quarry, due to the noise and dust and fearing that her 'delicate' bodywork will get ruined.
  • It is possible that she may be a mixed-traffic engine as she was seen pulling passenger carriages in Brewster's Little Helper.
  • In Czech and Polish, she is called Olga and in German, she is called Almut.




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