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“Come along my little chug-a-chugs.”
―Olwin to the trainees

Olwin is a dark green steam locomotive who was introduced in the first season.


Olwin initially lived in what is now Old Town with the other steam chuggers, being a trainee with Old Puffer Pete. Once Old Town was abandoned, Olwin along with Pete and Speedy would be relocated to current Chuggington, with the other steam chuggers moving to Tootington.

While not much is known about the time between the steam chuggers' relocation and the current time period of the series, Olwin would eventually become a very wise and kind chugger. With the arrival of Wilson, Brewster and Koko, Olwin would act as something of a mentor for the three trainees, teaching them skills that would help them get through fog, and also colour mixing.

Olwin would take care of Pete while he awaited a new firebox, and also played a game a hidey-chugger with Hoot and Toot to help them use their emergency horn; while trying to find them, Olwin would break down in Rocky Ridge Mine, with the twins pushing her out to safety. Olwin was also recruited to assisting Brewster in moving the demolisher for the Chuggineers, but had to tow Harrison and Chatsworth to the Repair Shed after they both broke down.

Olwin also joined Jackman, Asher, Pete and Koko in retrieving a load of diesel tankers from the Docks after a mass diesel shortage was caused by extreme ice levels.


Due to her age, Olwin can often be a bit scatterbrained, which can lead to other chuggers not taking her seriously. Even so, most chuggers will eventually learn to develop a neutral respect for her. Olwin is a mentor to younger chuggers, and tries her best to make them the best they can be for when they complete training. Olwin hates getting dirty, as she always wants to look clean; regardless of the situation. Despite her age, Olwin is always willing do favors for other chuggers, as long as she can stay spotless.

Technical Details


Olwin is similar to a tender-less LNER Class A4 locomotive. When she collects coal, it is deposited through an opening in her cab roof, and water is stored centrally in the boiler.


Olwin is painted dark green with bluish-green linings, and an orange cab roof and funnel. Her wheels are painted in varying shades of grey.




Chuggington: Badge Quest


Olwin has not appeared on the show since 2015.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Hodge and the Magnet Chug Patrol Chief


  • Olwin was the youngest steam locomotive until Piper entered the series.
  • Olwin's whistle sound is reused for the Flav-o-Matic machine in Frostini's Fruit Fandango and Hoot v. Toot, albeit in a higher pitch.
  • She has a strong fear of the quarry, due to the noise and dust and fearing that her delicate bodywork will get ruined, as seen in Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth.
  • In Czech, Dutch and Polish, she is called "Olga", in German, she is called "Almut", in Finnish, she is called Edvin, and In Korean, she is called "Como".
  • Olwin is the only chugger with the following:
    • The only chugger with a 4-6-2 "Pacific" wheel arrangement.
    • The only chugger whose eyebrows have a different design. Instead of what resembles windshield wipers, they are orange, arch-shaped handles. This is due to her eyes being in the place of where her headlamps would be.
  • Her coupling rods were reused for Speedy's.
  • There is a recurring animation error where, whenever Olwin's body moves around, her cylinders clip through her valences. This is because her cylinder steam pipes go into her body vertically, unlike Speedy's and Pete's whose steam cylinders go into their bodies horizontally, and Piper's whose cylinders are connected to her cab.