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The Old Town Junction is a junction that connects Old Town and New Chuggington. The junction's tunnel is known to lead to the Ice Cream Factory and the Building Site.

Koko once derailed here on a trip to the Docks, and sometime before this, the line beyond the junction was closed for repairs, forcing Koko to take a different route to Border Bridge.




Chuggington: Badge Quest[]


  • As of the fourth season, some minor changes to the set were made, including the addition of the small building next to the Old Town gate.
  • Multiple different modifications of the set appear in the series. In Season 2, The Spur Line was a slight modification of the set, just with the Old Town gate removed. Later, in Season 6, the Spur Line got some heavy upgrades; a new line of track, a building and an Old Town Gate were added to the set. The new Spur Line set was also combined with a generic Rocky Ridge Mountain route to form the High Mountain Pass Junction.