Old Chuggington, commonly known as Old Town is a town next to Chuggington. It was built for Steam chuggers. The only chuggers that were known to have lived here are Old Puffer Pete, Olwin, Speedy McAllister, Sally, Samuel, Cannonball Cooper, Sid and Soo. It was also rumoured in Chuggington that the Old Town Mystery Chugger lives here. When New Chuggington was built, Old Puffer Pete, Olwin and Speedy McAllister moved to the new town but Sally, Samuel, Cannonball Cooper, Sid and Soo are belived to have moved to Tootington. No-one knows where the Old Town Mystery Chugger went, if he ever existed or if he is still in Old Town. Now, Old Town is an abandoned Town that chuggers can still access from Chuggington. Old Puffer Pete often tells stories about the ages of steam and The trainees enjoy playing Hide and Seek here.


  • Steam Powered Turntables
  • Old Style Clocktower
  • Steam Whistle




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