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“Even after all this time, he still knows his way around here.”

Old Puffer Pete's Tour is the twelfth episode of the first season.


Vee gives the trainees the task to transport building material to the other side of Chuggington and puts Old Puffer Pete in charge of looking after them. But the trainees aren't keen to have Old Puffer Pete with them because, to them, he is slow, clunky and can't get their names right.

After filling up their hopper wagons with gravel, Old Puffer Pete and the trainees set off on their journey. Whilst waiting for Old Puffer Pete at a junction, Koko spots a track leading away from the mainline and Old Puffer Pete tells them that it leads to the Old Town of Chuggington. Soon after they move on, Koko, Wilson and Brewster find their loads of gravel very heavy and then, to their surprise, Old Puffer Pete flashes right past them.

After making their deliveries, Wilson, Koko and Brewster go ahead of Old Puffer Pete to race back home. However, Koko has other ideas and decides to explore the Old Town of Chuggington, which Brewster and Wilson agree to. Once in the Old Town, they find it is very rusty and overgrown. But when they decide to head back out, they get lost, and Wilson accidentally bumps into a log, which pushes down a lever. The lever opens a valve, letting the Old Central Junction Whistle to blow off. Old Puffer Pete hears that noise, but at first, it is quite unsure that it was the whistle. However, Old Puffer Pete soon arrives at the Old Town and finds the trainees there. Koko tells Old Puffer Pete that she wanted to go exploring, so the very old steam engine gives the trainees a tour of the Old Town of Chuggington.


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  • Going by production order, this is the tenth episode of the first season.
  • Eddie reads the title of this episode in the American dub as opposed to Puffer Pete.
  • This episode marks the first of two things:
    • The first appearance of Old Town.
    • The first episode to be written by Simon Jowett.
  • Going by the European airing order, this is the eleventh episode of the first season.


  • As Koko goes around the loop track, her back coupler clips through her body.
  • As Vee says, "watch for your tunnel colour", the sound effects can be heard, but the colours weren't spinning.
  • Koko runs along old tracks which do not have electricity. It is possible she was using her battery, as mentioned in Can't Catch Koko.
  • When Pete speeds past Koko, her rear bogie is missing its frames.
  • After the trainees drop off their delivery, Old Puffer Pete is missing his driving wheels.
    • He is also missing them when he approaches the outside of Old Town for the second time back.
  • Koko's mouth does not move when she asks Pete where he came from.
  • Pete's wheels are moving backwards in the turntable scene while he isn't moving.

Other Languages

Language Title
French L'Ancienne gare de Chuggington
German Alt-Chuggington
Japanese ピート爺さんの知恵
Polish Wycieczka ze starym Pitem
Spanish El Paseo del Viejo Pedro (Latin America)

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