Old Puffer Pete's Firebox is the 45th episode of Season 1.


Old Puffer Pete's firebox is worn out and he needs a new one, but it is a special part that will take a long time to be made. So, Pete has to stay in his roundhouse. Zephie comes to visit him, and Pete tells Zephie how much he wants a ride. Olwin comes along and sees Zephie struggling to pull Pete onto the turntable, and Olwin gets upset at Zephie, saying that "Pete needs rest." So, Zephie leaves and Olwin looks after Pete, who somehow convinces Olwin to take him for a ride. Meanwhile, the trainees are playing Hide n Seek in the Old Town where Brewster falls into the old parts shed. He comes back with metal stuck to him needing Morgan to take it off. Pete sees Brewster and orders to go to the Old Town Spare Parts Shed to see if there is a firebox, only to find out there is everything but. While on their way back, Brewster notices some flowers and points them out to make a sad Pete happy, in which succeeds when Pete sees it's a firebox holding the flowers! They take the flowers off and Pete's faster than Action Chugger.



  • The firebox is not the correct name for the part that was worn. It should have been said that his smokebox was worn out.


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