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“Those flowers are pretty, aren't they Pete?"
"I suppose so... FIREBOX!"
"I'm sure Morgan will find one soon."
"No! Stop! Back there! Firebox! It's a firebox!”
―Brewster and Old Puffer Pete

Old Puffer Pete's Firebox is the forty-fifth episode of the first season.


Old Puffer Pete's firebox is worn out and he needs a new one, but it is a special part that will take a long time to be made - resulting in Pete being stuck in his roundhouse for a while. Meanwhile, the trainees are playing hide 'n' seek in the Old Town where Brewster stumbles upon an old spare parts shed. He comes out with a piece of metal stuck on his roof, needing Morgan to take it off. Pete, whom Olwin has taken for a ride, sees Brewster and gets reminded of the existence of the old parts shed. The chuggers go in there to see if there would be a firebox, only to find out there is everything but one. While on their way back, when all hope seems lost, Brewster notices some flowers and points them out to cheer up a sad Pete, in which he succeeds - as it's a firebox holding the flowers! Soon Pete has his old firebox replaced, with Brewster now deeming him faster than Action Chugger.


Rolling Stock






  • Going by production order, this is the forty-fifth episode of the first season.
  • Modified stock footage from Nurse Wilson is used.
  • On Hulu and Disney+, the episode is titled as Old Puffer Pete and the Firebox.


  • The firebox is not the correct name for the part that was worn. It should have been said that his smokebox was worn out.
  • In some spots, the tracks in Pete's cabin are cut off.
  • In the shot of Wilson sneaking around in Old Town, the forest in the background has been rendered too low.
  • When Old Puffer Pete says, "I know those rails like my own pistons", some background buildings are missing, causing the start of the Elevated Track to float in the air.
  • When Brewster says, "He's faster than Action Chugger", the Training Yard is missing.

Other Languages

Language Title
French La Boîte à fumée du vieux Pete
German Der kranke Großvater Pete
Japanese ファイヤーボックスを探せ!
Polish Skrzynia ogniowa Starego Pita
Spanish La caja de Fuego del Viejo Pedro (Latin America)

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