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"Rattling rivets!"
— Old Puffer Pete's catchphrase

Peter, effectively known as Old Puffer Pete, is an elderly steam chugger and the oldest chugger in the series.


Old Puffer Pete grew up in what is now Old Town; during his trainee years, he was very similar to Wilson, finding it hard to pay attention and not realizing his own special talents. When Old Town closed down, Pete, along with Olwin and Speedy, were relocated to current Chuggington, where he was presumably modified into a tank engine; despite this, he still held on to his tender, Terry.

As Pete grew older, he became more prone to breaking down; once, his smoke box became worn out, but due to the fact that the mold was broken years ago, it was very hard to find a new one. Around this time, Pete would have his one hundred and fiftieth birthday celebration, performed by Wilson, Brewster and Koko.

Pete later started working at the Drop and Load Yard with Cormac, where many events took place- such as Pete becoming trapped in a strangle of chains, and he and Cormac challenging each other to who can make the most deliveries the fastest. It was around this time that Pete became prone to "sleep riding".

After Speedy's presumed retirement, Pete took over his duties at the quarry, leaving Cormac completely in charge of the Drop and Load Yard.


Old Puffer Pete is a supercentenarian steam chugger who is at least a hundred and fifty years old. Despite his age, he is still a hard worker; and while he is a bit slow most of the time, he doesn't let it stop him and prefers to takes things "slow but steady". Pete loves to watch the trainees work and learn, and always tries to pass on his wisdom if needed.

While some chuggers feel that Pete is not of worth anymore, Pete is very much a hard working, sophisticated chugger- something that many chuggers have come to accept over the years. Pete has a very good sense of humor and loves to play little jokes on his colleagues; he can be a bit forgetful, though, especially when it comes to names.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Old Puffer Pete's basis has yet to be revealed; he seems to be loosely based on parts of early 4-4-0 locomotives from the United States, such as Union Pacific's "No. 119", "The General", and "Jupiter", but also appears to resemble a DRG Class 62, mainly due to his buffer beam, smoke deflectors, and coal bunker behind his cab, but with a 4-4-0 configuration. If you look at him carefully, Old Puffer Pete seems to resemble some various 4-4-0T tank engines specifically built by Beyer Peacock Manchester. He also resembles the London South Western Railway 415 Class “Adam’s Radial” tank engine but shortened, lacks the rear buffers and narrowed down to a 4-4-0T.


Old Puffer Pete is painted black with gold-painted lining, and a red cab roof, buffer beam, and window frames. His wheels are also gold with red spokes.




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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Bang Klang Wilson Active

In the episodes Poor Old Puffer Pete, Inspector Emery, Nurse Wilson and You for a Day, Old Puffer Pete is incorrectly depicted with Olwin's whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Poor Old Puffer Pete You for a Day


  • Old Puffer Pete was the only non-streamlined steam chugger until Piper entered the series.
  • His glasses can spin around.
  • He is referred to as "Peter" by Olwin.
  • During the fourth and fifth seasons, Pete would occasionally wear a pair of headlamps during night or foggy settings. As of the sixth season however, he wears them permanently.
    • Calley's head and tail-lamps from her original model were also reused to make Pete's lamps; the only modification on them being the colour of the glass frames being changed from orange to white.
      • Additionally, in the fourth and fifth seasons, Pete's headlamps were simply just Calley's but with different coloured frames. In the sixth season, his lamps would lose their rust detail; the glass frames on the lights, and the gold parts on his lamps were changed to brass.
  • It is revealed in Quizmaster Hodge that Pete has been to Tootington 586 times.
  • As shown in Cool Wilson, he cannot handle heat well, especially during hot weather.
  • He seems to be able to remember the names of older engines making it seem that he only forgets the names of those he has not known for long.
  • In the Brazilian dub, he is called "Pedro".
  • In the German dub, he is called "Großvater Pete", which literally means "Grandfather Pete". In the Hebrew version, he is referred to as "שיפי המתנשף". In the Polish dub, he called "Stary Pit".
  • He is one of the four steam engines to work in Chuggington, the other beings are Olwin, Speedy McAllister and Piper.
  • Old Puffer Pete is the only steam chugger with a proper coal bunker. He is also the only known steam chugger who had a tender car in the past.
  • Old Puffer Pete is the only chugger to date with a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement.
  • Concept art shows that at one point, Old Puffer Pete was considered to have his eyes placed on top of his smokebox where is glasses is placed. However, it was rejected for unknown reasons. He also originally had no coal bunker, with a completely open-end cab.
  • Old Puffer Pete is the only steam chugger who has a door at the back of his cab. As a result, his cab controls are not shown.
  • When Old Puffer Pete goes slowly, his speed is most likely 25 mph to 30 mph (40 km/h to 48 km/h). However when Old Puffer Pete occasionally goes fast, his top speed is likely to be 60 mph (97 km/h).
    • It is mostly due to the fact that Old Puffer Pete occasionally goes fast but mostly prefers to go slowly and steadier.