Old Puffer Pete is an elderly steam locomotive and the oldest Chugger in the series.


Old Puffer Pete is a supercentenarian steam locomotive who is at the grand old age of 150 years old. Although he is old, he can still chuff up and down the tracks. He is a bit slower now, and although he can, he doesn't zip around like he used to, preferring to take things "slow but Steady" (although he can still zip around fast when he needs to). Old Puffer Pete loves watching the trainees work and learn, and always tries to pass on his his wisdom like a grandfather figure. Even though the young Chuggers might not always pay much attention, they generally realize they should have listened, in the end, if they didn't. Old Puffer Pete has a real sense of humor and loves to tease the youngsters. He can be a bit forgetful, especially when it comes to names!

Technical Details


Old Puffer Pete's basis has yet to be revealed; he seems to be loosely based on parts of early 4-4-0 locomotives from the United States, such as Union Pacific's "No. 119", "The General", and "Jupiter", but also appears to resemble a DRG Class 62, mainly due to his buffer beam, smoke deflectors, and coal bunker behind his cab, but with a 4-4-0 configuration.


Old Puffer Pete is painted black with gold-painted areas, and a red cab roof, buffer beam, and window frames. His wheels are also gold with red spokes.


  • His glasses can spin around.
  • He occasionally gets the younger engines' names wrong.
  • His tall funnel gives him the appearance of being taller than any other engine, except for Decka and Mtambo.
  • He is referred to as "Peter" by Olwin.
  • He often says Brewster, Wilson and Koko's names wrong by calling them Beezewax, Walnut, and Cupcake or Bulldog, Ketchup, and Windsock.
  • In Park Patroller Wilson, Pete was shown with lamps during the night. However, in Season 6, he wears them permanently.
  • He is the oldest Chugger, resembling an 1890's steam locomotive.
  • As shown in Cool Wilson, he cannot handle heat well, especially during hot weather.
  • He seems to be able to remember the names of older engines making it seem that he only forgets the names of those he has not known for long.
  • In the Brazilian version, he is called "Pedro".
  • In the German version, he is called "Großvater Pete", which literally means "Grandfather Pete". In the Hebrew version, he is referred to as "שיפי המתנשף". In the Polish version, he called "Stary Pit".
  • He is one of the four steam engines to work in Chuggington, the other beings are Olwin, Speedy McAllister and Piper.
  • Old Puffer Pete seems to be a train version of both Doc Hudson from Cars and Skipper Riley from Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales and Planes.
  • Old Puffer Pete is the only steam Chugger with a proper coal bunker. He is also the only known steam Chugger who had a tender car in the past.




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