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“Open wide, Dunbar! Nurse Wilson needs to take a look!”

Nurse Wilson is the thirty-sixth episode of the first season.


The three trainees are learning about being ambulance chuggers by Nurse David from Chuggington Hospital. When Dunbar pulls the ambulance coach around the yard, the trainees can't help but make the noise of the ambulance, and Dunbar tells them to be quiet. Suddenly, Dunbar stops speaking and goes to the repair shed for a check-up. The Chug Scanner examines Dunbar carefully and finds nothing of fault until it discovers that Dunbar's voice is not working. Morgan and Lori know it's not a technical fault, so they send Dunbar to his shed for a rest. Wilson decides to take care of Dunbar, so he takes advice from Nurse David about curing lost voices. Using some hot oil, which gets warmed up by Old Puffer Pete, Wilson places some oil inside Dunbar's mouth, and then, quite quickly, his voice is back. Dunbar realises that his mouth bar must've got seized up, and he thanks Wilson for looking after him.


Rolling Stock






  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-eighth episode of the first season.
  • Modified stock footage from Watch Out Wilson! is used.


  • When Pete is warming the oil for Wilson, the former has Olwin's whistle sound.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Wilson l'infirmier
German Krankenpfleger Wilson
Japanese 看護師 ウィルソン
Polish Pielęgniarz Wilson
Spanish Wilson el Enfermero (Latin America)

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