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“I'm guessing the Repair Shed didn't work out."
"Too many weird noises. You don't notice them during the day, but at night... you probably think I'm being a big baby.”
―Brewster and Wilson

Night Moves is the thirty-third episode of the sixth season.



When a pipe bursts in the Roundhouse, an exhausted Wilson must roam Chuggington in search of a new cabin to sleep in, but nothing feels quite like home.


Wilson, Brewster and Koko all reflect on the day's events as they head back to the Roundhouses. However, when Wilson arrives at his cabin, he finds Eddie, who tells him the news that due to a burst pipe, it has flooded and cannot be fixed until at least the next day. Thus, Wilson has to find a new place to sleep, and heads to the Ice Cream Factory, thinking that it will be the perfect place.

At the Ice Cream Factory, Frostini welcomes Wilson and lets him stay for the night. However, he starts talking about ice cream flavors in his sleep, to which the ice cream machine begins responding to, making a mess everywhere. Wilson apologizes to Frostini and begins looking for another place to sleep.

Wilson returns to the Roundhouses and finds Brewster and Koko awake, who tell him that Eddie returned while Wilson was away to let everyone know that it may not be three days until Wilson's cabin is fixed. Wilson then goes to CPHQ to see if he can sleep there; but is disturbed by all of the small sirens in the facility. While browsing Chug Command, Wilson accidentally sets the emergency alert off, and has to get Jackman to turn it off.

After talking with Koko and Brewster once more, Wilson goes to the Repair Shed, but is frightened by strange clanking that was actually a squirrel. Brewster and Koko, who heard Wilson's screams, offer to sleep in the Repair Shed with him, and the three enjoy a long sleepover. That morning, Eddie tells Wilson that his cabin has been fixed, but Wilson responds saying that he will miss spending the night with his friends; then, he realizes that he can always have another sleepover with Koko and Brewster, of which the two are happy too as well.


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  • Going by production order, this is the thirty-fifth episode of the sixth season.
  • This is the second episode to use the terminology "cabin" for the chuggers' roundhouse berths, the first being Action Chugger's Day Off.


  • The way the Roundhouses are designed would actually cause all of the cabins to be flooded if a pipe burst, as there are no walls separating them.