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“What's going on?!"
"When I said, 'close your eyes', I didn't mean go to sleep!"
"Oh... sorry.”
―Hoot and Toot

Night Chuggers is the twelfth episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirty-eighth episode overall.


In the dead of night, Vee wakes up Hoot and Toot and instructs them on how to earn their "Night Chuggers" badge- Hoot and Toot must take the cargo waiting in dispatch and deliver it before sunrise. At Platform 6, Vee explains that the fruit is for the Safari Park, and the empty churns are for the farm. Wilson also arrives with newspapers for the Chugston Hotel.

On route to the Safari Park, Hoot explains that he does not like not being able to see well, to which Toot says that he can close his eyes. However, this causes Hoot to fall asleep, which Toot notices while trying to get him to look at an owl. Despite her efforts to wake him up, Hoot remains sleeping as Toot struggles up the hill. After arriving at the Safari Park, Toot notices Ebo the elephant having a drink, which gives her the idea of spraying Hoot with water, which works.

On the way to Safari Park, the power goes out, further scaring Hoot. He explains that he is scared, to which Toot says the she is with him the whole way, and uses the crane arm of one of the wagons to make a shadow puppet of a dinosaur as well as a bat. An owl passes by, which frightens Hoot, but Toot comforts him, telling Hoot that it is saying hello to them. Hoot, feeling better, finishes the deliveries with Toot.

Back at the Depot, Hoot and Toot find another load on the conveyor belt, only to realize that it is their badges, which Vee tells them that they have earned. She then wishes the twins a goodnight.


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  • When Toot suggests that Hoot closes his eyes, Toot's eyes are shifted to the right.

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