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Title Card - My Hero
Wilson, Brewster and Koko arrive at the Depot to talk to Vee.]
Vee Hello, trainees? Are you all ready for Hero Day?
Wilson Of course! Who wouldn't wanna spend a whole day with their hero?
Koko I bet Hanzo and I set the record at the Speed Track today! Gotta go, go, go!
[Koko zooms out of the scene.]
Wilson Well, I bet Jackman and I set the record for the fastest response to an emergency call today!
CPHQ's siren starts playing at the background. Jackman radioes Wilson through his Chug-Com.]
Jackman Jackman to Wilson, over.
Wilson Go ahead, Jackman!
Jackman There's a problem at the Docks. Meet me at Chug Patrol HQ right away! Over.
Wilson Roger that, I'm on my way! I'm Chug Patrol, and I'm ready to roll!
[Wilson exits the scene.]
Brewster Well, I bet Action Chugger and I set the record for the most wrongs righted today!
[Brewster looks around, waiting for Action Chugger to appear.]
Brewster Where is Action Chugger?
Vee I'm sorry, Brewster, but I'm afraid Action Chugger is busy with a super chugger problem!
Brewster Honking horns, I hope he's okay! Is he still coming for Hero Day?
Vee Well, he might not be able to, but he'll try his best.
Brewster Oh, okay. I suppose I'll just do something else.
Vee I'm sure you'll still manage to have a fun day, Brewster.
Brewster Yeah, thanks, Vee.
[The scene cuts to Brewster driving past the Training Yard. Zephie enters the scene and rings her bell.]
Zephie Hi, Brewster!
Brewster Sigh... oh, hi, Zephie...
Zephie Are you okay?
Brewster I'm just a little sad, because... I was going to spend the whole day with my hero, and now, I'm not.
Zephie Who's your hero?
Brewster Action Chugger!
Zephie Action who?
[Brewster stops.]
Brewster Are you kidding? He's the world's greatest superhero!
Zephie I am kidding. You've only mentioned him a million times in the last week.
Brewster (imitating Action Chugger's voice) I'm helpful...
Action Chugger (voice only) I'm strong, and I'll get the job done!
Brewster It's him!
Zephie Where?
[Brewster exits the scene with Zephie following him. The two arrive at the Roundhouse Park in the next shot.]
Action Chugger (voice only) Have no fear, citizens! Action Chugger's here!
Brewster I'm here too, Action Chugger! I'm...
[The source of AC's voice is revealed; Hodge and Emery are watching an Action Chugger Movie at the Roundhouse Drive-In.]}}
Brewster Oh, it's a movie! He must be still busy. Keeping Chuggington safe is hard work! But Action Chugger doesn't mind, which is why he's my hero!
[Brewster and Zephie join Hodge and Emery at the Drive-In and start watching the movie too. The scene cuts to the two driving at the Main Depot. Zephie is driving in front of Brewster, approaching a few crates stacked onto a Chuggineer flatcar.]
Zephie That was a great movie. Look at me, I'm Action Chugger! Yippee!
[Zephie starts spinning around carelessly, hitting the containers. One of them is about to fall down onto her.]
Brewster Zephie! Watch out!
[Brewster pushes Zephie out of the way just before the container falls to the ground.]
Zephie Wow, Brewster! You saved me! You're just like Action Chugger!
Brewster Meh, not really.
[Brewster fetches a Chuggineer Crane Car.]
Brewster He does all of the real heroic stuff. Like saving the day, and going on hero duty...
[Brewster lifts the fallen container back onto the wagon.]
Brewster There! All sorted.
Zephie Oh? Well, why don't you go on hero duty? While you wait for Action Chugger!
Brewster I'm no hero! I don't know how to save chuggers who are in trouble.
Zephie I'm a chugger, and you saved me!
Brewster You're right! I suppose I could go on hero duty for a little bit while I wait.
[Zephie jumps spins around in exitement.]
Zephie Yay! And I'll go with you! You know, in case you need help.
[The chuggers exit the scene and arrive at the Safari Park in the next shot.]
Zephie So, what shall we do first, Brewster?
Brewster Uh... I'm not sure! I don't usually do hero stuff. That's why I need Action Chugger - being a hero is his thing.
[The two start hearing a sound from the sky.]
Brewster Wait... what is that up in the sky? Is is a bird? Or a plane? Could it be...
[A bird dropping falls on Brewster's hood.]
Zephie (laughs) It's a bird.
[Suddenly, the two start hearing distressed monkey noises. They look around.]
Brewster Hey, what's that noise?
Zephie Look! It's a little monkey!
[The monkey is revealed to be in a nearby tree.]
Brewster Honking horns! It looks like his tail is stuck in that tree!
[The monkey's tail is indeed stuck between two small branches. He attempts to get it free.]
Zephie What should we do?
Brewster Aw, I wish Action Chugger were here! He would know!
[The monkey continues trying and makes more distressed noises.]
Zephie But the monkey is scared!
Brewster Okay, you keep the monkey calm, and I'll be right back! Just keep talking to him!
[Brewster leaves.]
Zephie (to the monkey) Hi, mister Monkey! Uhh, you must have all sorts of animal friends in the Safari Park! I love animals! I'll tell you all my favourites!
[The monkey scrapes his head in a confused manner.]
Zephie I love giraffes with their funny long necks. And elephants, especially when they go...
[Zephie imitates an elephant trumpeting, making the monkey laugh. The screen fades to black and a time skip happens.]
Zephie And my twentieth favourite is probably cheetahs. Or maybe zebras. But it's not black and white.
[Brewster returns to the scene with a small crane car. He honks his horn.]
Brewster Have no fear, Brewster is here!
[Zephie moves out of the way while Brewster approaches the tree with the crane.]
Brewster Okay, we'll just put this crane here, mister Monkey.
[Brewster grabs the one of the branches with the crane and wiggles it.]
Brewster With a little jiggle and a wiggle...
[The monkey manages to get its tail free.]
Brewster There! You're free!
[The monkey jumps around happily.]
Zephie You did it again, Brewster! You really are a hero.
Brewster It was all in a day's work for action Brew... I mean, me, just me.
Zephie That's right! It was just you who saved the monkey!
Brewster Yeah, but Action Chugger can fly! He wouldn't even need a crane! That's why he's a real hero.
[The chuggers leave; Zephie isn't convinced by Brewster's reasoning. They arrive at Rocky Ridge Mountain in the next shot, driving under the Rocky Ridge Rickety Bridge.]
Zephie So, where should we go next?
[Suddenly, the two hear a distant call for help echoing in the air.]
Brewster (excited) Do you think that's Action Chugger?
Zephie I think someone needs help!
Brewster What gave you that idea?
[The two silently listen as they hear the call for help again.]
Brewster Gasp, you're right! Quick, we better help!
[Brewster and Zephie exit the shot, arriving at the Chug-A-Sonic Speed Track in the next one. Hoot and Toot are revealed to be the ones in trouble; Hoot is dangling over the elevated track at one of the speed track's loops.]
Hoot and Toot Help!
Brewster I think it's coming from over... gasp! Honking horns!
[A close-up-shot at Hoot and Toot; they shout help again.]
Brewster Oh no, what happened?
Hoot I was driving along calmly, when Toot ran us off the rails!
Toot Calmly? You were driving with your eyes closed!
Hoot I'm calmest when my eyes are closed!
[Suddenly, Hoot falls down a little bit more, now dangling even lower.]
Hoot Whoa!
Zephie Oh no, what should we do?
Brewster This is a real emergency! It's a job for Action Chugger, or Chug Patrol, or...
Zephie There's no time! Hoot and Toot need help right now!
Brewster Okay, okay, I'm on it!
[Brewster couples up to Toot and starts pulling the twins. However, he's not strong enough; he accidentally uncouples, causing Hoot to fall even further.]
Hoot Aah!
Zephie (gasps)
Hoot Whatever you are doing, stop doing it!
Toot I'm not doing anything!
Hoot I wasn't talking to you!
Brewster I just made it worse! If only I was a real hero, like Action Chugger, I would know what to do!
Zephie But you are a real hero, Brewster! You are my hero!
Brewster I am?
Zephie Yes! Because you're so nice, and you're always there for everybody! You're... helpful and strong and you get the job done!
Brewster I... I am, aren't I?
[Brewster looks at Hoot and Toot again. Toot is now struggling to stay still to not cause Hoot to fall further down.]
Brewster I better do something now!
[Hoot and Toot are barely staying together anymore; Hoot ends up falling even further down anyway.]
Hoot Whoa! I don't know if this is gonna hold much longer!
Brewster Don't worry! We'll get you back on track!
Toot Hmm, I'm not worried!
Hoot That's easy for you to say!
Toot No, it isn't!
Hoot Yes it is! Aaah!
[Hoot falls even further down again.]
Brewster Hang on!
[Brewster couples up to Toot and starts pulling her.]
Brewster I've got you!
[A close-up at Brewster and Toot's couplers. They are starting to uncouple again; Brewster is not strong enough alone.]
Zephie couples up to Brewster.]
Zephie And I've got you, Brewster!
Brewster Okay, Zephie! We're going to try one big heap on three. One, two, three!
[Brewster, Zephie and Toot start all pulling together.]
Brewster Just... a little... err... further!
[They finally manage to get Hoot back on track.]
Brewster We did it!
Hoot Yeah! You helped too, Toot!
Toot Did not!
Hoot Did too!
Toot Did not - oh wait, yeah I did!
Hoot Told you!
Toot Did not!
Hoot Yes I did!
Toot Did not!
[Hoot and Toot drive away.]
Zephie You really are a hero, Brewster!
Brewster Well, I'm glad I could help my friends. But I mean, I'm not a real hero...
[They start hearing the sound of Action Chugger's jet packs.]
Action Chugger I don't know about that. You look like quite the hero to me!
[Action Chugger makes a loop in the air.]
Zephie Action Chugger!
Brewster You're here!
Action Chugger And just in time! I saw the whole thing as I was zooming in. And I must say, I couldn't have done a better job myself!
Brewster Gasp! Really?
Action Chugger Haha, I never lie! Sorry it took me so long to get here. Keeping Chuggington safe is hard work!
Brewster That's okay, Action Chugger! I still had a really great day!
Action Chugger Chugtastic! Shall we keep Hero Day going by doing some good old-fashioned hero duty?
Brewster Yes please! Oh, but I don't think I can...
[A confused Zephie looks at Brewster.]
Brewster Haha, not without my sidekick!
Zephie Me?
Brewster Every hero needs one! And if it wasn't for you, we never would've rescued that monkey or saved Hoot and Toot. You're as big a hero as any of us.
[Suddenly, Action Chugger gets an emergency callout.]
Brewster You're getting an alert!
Action Chugger Someone needs help!
Brewster This sounds like a job for Action Chugger!
Action Chugger No, it sounds like a job for...
Action Chugger, Brewster and Zephie ...The three heroes!
Brewster What are we waiting for? Let's go save Chuggington!
Action Chugger, Brewster and Zephie We're helpful, we're strong, we get the job done!