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The Music Videos and songs throughout Chuggington was made by Chris McHale from the first-fifth season, following up his work are Alex Geringas and Karam Salem for the sixth season onward.

Series 1[]

Series 4[]

Series 5[]

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Series 6[]


  • Season 6 has the most amount of songs to be released in the show thus far.
  • Some music videos show recreated scenes of past episodes. Most of the time to fit the lip-sync of the song.
  • Honk Your Horns and Let's Train Together have the most amount of variations with a total of six each.
  • We Are Chuggineering and Ship Arriving are the only songs to be used throughout episodes as a "jingle" for that specific squad.
  • Apart from Honk Your Horns, the second and third season do not include original songs of their own.