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Background information[]

Mtambo is a fictional African tourist locomotive created by Sarah Ball and Simon Jowett.

Since his proper introduction in Brewster Goes Bananas, he would become a recurring character; not appearing nearly as often as many other characters, but still appearing fairly regularly and even receiving two episodes to himself.

Mtambo has no exact basis and is painted cool yellow with various camouflaged linings that come in green, brown, and black; added on with a brown undercarriage.

CGI model[]

In 2007, Mtambo was designed and modelled by Volume Studios in the 3D modelling software Sketchup during the production of the first series. The model was later exported to another software, Maya, for animation.[1]


  • Series 2:
    • He receives the new coupler design.
    • He receives a chugger plaque.



  • Counting his rising second level, Mtambo's model is the tallest of any chugger in the series.

Voice actors[]

  • David Gyasi (UK/US)
  • Pjerin Vlashi (Albania)
  • Gilmar Lourenço (Brazil; Season 6 onwards)
  • Nikola Marjanović (Croatia)
  • Jon-Jon Geitel (Finland)
  • Jürgen Holdorf (Germany)
  • Aiko Aihashi (Japan)
  • Luis Miguel Pérez (Latin America; Seasons 1-3)
  • Arturo Sian Vidal (Latin America; Season 6 onwards)
  • Gustavo Mena (Los Angeles Spanish dub)
  • Henrik Horge (Norway)
  • Waldemar Barwiński (Poland)
  • Konrad Ignatowski (Poland; Chuggington: Badge Quest, Polsat JimJam dub)
  • Igor Taradaikin (Russia)
  • Jeong Yeong-wung (South Korea)
  • Jesús Maniega (Spain)
  • Hasse Jonsson (Sweden)