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“...And next time I find myself wanting to roam, I'll look for an adventure right here at home.”

Mtambo's Amazing Adventure is the thirty-seventh episode of the first season.


Mtambo's in a bit of a rut giving the same old tours everyday in the Safari Park. He wants some adventures in his life so that he has new stories to tell. One of Mtambo's passengers, Freddy, says that he's about to head off on a jungle expedition. Freddy asks Mtambo to watch his camera gear while he goes to the souvenir shop. Mtambo makes up his mind to ask Freddy for a job when he returns. Unfortunately, one of the monkeys steals Freddy's camera. Mtambo will never get that job if he can't even keep Freddy's gear safe! He goes on a wild monkey chase all over the park and retrieves the camera just in time. However, Emery whisks Freddy away before Mtambo can talk to him. Devastated to have missed his chance for adventure, Mtambo heads home with Brewster. He grumbles about the day's events and to his surprise, Brewster finds the fact that Ebo nearly gave Freddy a shower very funny. This helps Mtambo realise that his day was a great adventure! He tells the trainees his tale that night, now confident that he can always "look for adventure right here at home!".


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  • When Brewster and Mtambo head down the Bridge and Hill Runby, they reset back to the top of the hill.
  • In the American credits, Colin McFarlane is credited despite not having a speaking role in the episode.
  • In the British credits, Nicole Cherruault goes uncredited for voicing the children.

Other Languages

Language Title
French La Rocambolesque aventure
German Mtambos aufregende Abenteuer
Japanese ムタンボのアドベンチャー
Polish Wspaniała przygoda Mtambo
Spanish La Asombrosa Aventura de Mtambo (Latin America)

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