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Speaker Dialogue
Title Card - Mind Your Manners
[Hoot and Toot drive through the Depot to meet Chatsworth.]
Toot Hooray! It's Badge Quest!
[Toot toots her horn at Dunbar and cuts into his line.]
Dunbar Watch out!
Chatsworth My word! Well, it's a good job you're trying for your Manners Badge today!
Hoot What do we have to do?
[Chatsworth drives forward, revealing a gondola carrying parcels for Portman Apartments.]
Chatsworth Take this delivery to Portman Apartments, and on your journey, take care to mind your manners.
Toot That's easy!
Hoot Yeah, let's scoot!
[Hoot pushes Toot from behind.]
Toot Hey, I'm going at the front!
[Hoot and Toot start pushing each other while they argue.]
Hoot No, I am, bossy bumpers!
Toot No, me!
Chatsworth Oh!
Hoot Back off, it's my turn!
[Hoot pushes Toot into the gondola.]
Toot (grunts) You really get on my rivets!
Chatsworth Oh, dear! (chuckles) They can't even be polite to each other!
[Wilson is next to the loading shed waiting for Vee to reveal his tunnel colour.]
Vee Now, watch for your tunnel colour!
[Old Puffer Pete queues behind Wilson. Hoot and Toot reverse into Wilson in order to skip the queue, forcing Wilson to reverse.]
Old Puffer Pete (groans)
Wilson Er, there is a queue, you know!
Toot But we need to go first!
Hoot We're doing a badge.
Wilson But that doesn't mean you can push in!
[Vee's screen displays the blue tunnel.]
Toot Blue!
[Hoot and Toot leave the depot through the blue tunnel.]
Wilson I can't believe they just did that. How rude!
[Hoot and Toot are driving through the blue tunnel.]
Hoot Hmm... Wilson wasn't happy that we pushed in.
Toot You just needed to say thank you. That's all manners is. Saying "please" and "thank you."
Hoot Oh, okay.
[Hoot and Toot arrive at Portman Apartments where Brewster is unloading parcels. Toot honks her horn loudly at Brewster, scaring him.]
Brewster (squeaks)
Toot Budge your bumpers, Brewster!
Brewster Oh, but, I'm just...
[Toot honks her horn again.]
Toot We're on a Badge Quest. Shift it, er... please.
Brewster Hmmpf!
[Brewster drives forward so that Hoot and Toot can drop off their delivery.]
Toot All done! Let's scoot. We'll soon have a shiny new badge!
[Decka approaches the Countryside Intersection.]
Decka (hums)
[As Hoot and Toot approach the intersection from the perpendicular direction, Toot and Decka honk their horns at each other.]
Toot We're first.
[Hoot and Toot do not slow down and force Decka to stop.]
Decka Watch out!
Toot Thank you! See, Hoot, that's all it takes.
Decka (to her passengers) Apologies ladies and gents, but there are bad manners on the track ahead. Wait until I tell Chatsworth!
[Decka drives away.]
Toot (gasps) If she does that, we'll never get our badge. Come on, Hoot. We need to stop her.
[Hoot and Toot pursue Decka.]
Decka Oh, not you two again! Wheels, don't fail me now! (groans)
[Hoot and Toot stop at a junction.]
Toot Shortcut!
[Hoot and Toot find Decka approaching the pond station and block her line.]
Decka I don't Decka-believe it!
Toot Don't tell Chatsworth. We won't get our badge!
Hoot You could ask nicely.
Toot Please?
Hoot But you have to mean it.
Toot I said please!
Decka That's just a word. Good manners isn't just only saying "please" and "thank you."
Hoot It's about what you do as well as what you say.
[Hoot and Toot move out of Decka's way.]
Hoot After you, Decka. You've got a schedule to stick to.
Decka Thanks, Hoot. That's really thoughtful. Don't mind if I Decka-do!
Toot Wow! You're right, Hoot. Now Decka's happy. Having good manners is thinking about others.
[Wilson is pulling hopper cars from Rocky Ridge Mountain and is noticeably exhausted. Hoot and Toot drive next to him. Toot gets an idea and stops.]
Toot That's a very heavy load, Wilson. Would you like us to help?
Wilson Oh, thanks! That would be perfecto!
[Toot couples up to Wilson's last hopper wagon. Wilson, Hoot and Toot arrive at the depot through the green tunnel.
Wilson Thanks for lending a helping wheel.
Toot You're welcome, Wilson.
Chatsworth What lovely manners. Well, you didn't get off to a good start... but, you behaved well in the end. So, congratulations, Hoot and Toot. You've earned your Manners Badge!
Hoot Super...
Toot ...Duper! Whoops.
Hoot Oh, er...
Hoot and Toot Thank you, Chatsworth!
Brewster and Chatsworth (laughs)