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“Don't tell Chatsworth. We won't get our badge. "
"You could ask nicely?"
"You have to mean it."
"I said please!"
"That's just a word. Good manners isn't only about 'please' and 'thank you', it's about what you do, as well as what you say.”
―Toot, Hoot and Decka

Mind Your Manners is the seventh and final episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-sixth and final episode of the series overall.


Hoot and Toot arrive at the Depot and nearly have a collision with Dunbar. They meet Chatsworth, who comments that it is a good thing that they are trying for their "Manners" badge- they must take a delivery to Portman Apartments, and on their way remember mind their manners. Toot says that it will be easy, but get off on a bad start when they begin arguing about who will go in front.

Wilson and Old Puffer Pete are waiting for their tunnel colours when Hoot and Toot reverse into the front of the que. The twins say that they are doing a badge as an excuse for this, but Wilson replies that it does not mean that they can push in. The tunnel colour is shown to be blue, so Hoot and Toot get on their way.

In the tunnel, Hoot worries about the fact that Wilson did not seem too happy about what they did, but Toot says that the only thing to manners is saying "please" and "thank you", failing to convince Hoot. At Portman Apartments, Brewster is placing boxes, when Toot blows her horn and demands that he moves- quietly saying "please" at the end. Brewster reluctantly gets out of the way, and Hoot and Toot drop off the delivery.

Decka is traveling through the countryside when Hoot and Toot cut through her line, nearly causing a collision. Toot says "thank you", but stops once she hears Decka apologising to her passengers, and that she is planning on telling Chatsworth what happened. Thus, Hoot and Toot chase after Decka. The twins take a shortcut, stopping Decka in her tracks once she sees them blocking the line. Toot tells Decka not to talk to Chatsworth, to which Hoot says that she could ask nicely, with Toot letting out a quiet "please". Decka and Hoot explain that "please" is just a word, and that manners are more about what you do, not what you say. Hoot moves out of the way, knowing that Decka has an important schedule to stick to. Toot understands, and on their way back to the Depot, the two help Wilson with his load from the quarry.

Back at the Depot, Chatsworth states that while Hoot and Toot got off to a bad start, they behaved well in the end. Thus, they earn their badges, remembering to say "thank you".


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  • This episode marks the last occurrence of a few things:
    • The final episode of Chuggington: Badge Quest.
    • The last final appearances of Wilson, Brewster, Old Puffer Pete, Emery, Hodge, Zephie, Harrison, Chatsworth, Olwin, Frostini, Hoot, Toot, Decka, and Vee in Chuggington: Badge Quest.
    • The final speaking roles of Wilson, Brewster, Chatsworth, Hoot, Toot, Decka and Vee in Chuggington Badge Quest.
    • The final time that Wilson and Brewster are voiced by Morgan Overton and Charlie George in the UK dub respectively.
    • The final appearance of the Depot's original design.
  • This episode marks Chatsworth's only speaking role in Chuggington: Badge Quest.


  • When Decka explains the concept of manners, her front wheels and wheel trucks are not textured.
  • In the final shot of the episode, Chatsworth has his snow horn and lantern equipped.
  • When Wilson, Hoot and Toot come back to the Depot, they incorrectly come out of the Green Tunnel when it should have been Blue Tunnel.
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