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The Mega Chug Crane is a massive crane used at the Drop and Load Yard. It is usually managed by Cormac.


The Mega Chug Crane is one of the biggest cranes in Chuggington. It's usually at the Drop and Load Yard, but once at a time of an emergency when Zack was trapped in the mines, Brewster took the Crane out to the tracks to rescue Zack. He almost did not make if Wilson, Koko, Calley, Jackman, Tyne and Fletch had not came to help out.[1]

Sometime Cormac uses the crane as a hiding device, and likes to have a little fun bit hiding some of the pranks from Old Puffer Pete.

One day, Cormac bought a new power-motor, so the Mega Chug Crane can be stronger and powerful than ever! Little did he know, the motor was draining power from the Lighthouse at the Docks. Brewster and Hodge told Cormac to shut the crane off just before the ship hit the docks.[2]

Another time, Cormac's prongs broken, so Vee assisted for Tai to run over the Yards while Cormac is at the Repair Shed. Instead of using the system Cormac gave her, Tai decides to use the Art of Chug Shi. At first Cormac despised it, but after trying it himself, he quite enjoyed it at the end.[3]



  • The only time the Mega Chug Crane was seen outside of the Drop and Load Yard was in the episode, Back Up Brewster.




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