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“Let's make some noise for the most special place I know!”
―Mayor Pullman beginning Chuggington Day[src]

Mayor Pullman is the current Mayor of Chuggington. She took over from a previous male mayor who was mentioned in the first season.


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Mayor Pullman is proud to run the city of Chuggington, always coming up with or initiating new plans and campaigns to better the town. These plans range from documentaries focused on the town for a Mayor's Convention to a "Beautify" Campaign to brighten up the parks. Mayor Pullman is energetic and always on the scene for major events in the city, often starting off special events and ceremonies throughout town. The chuggers are always keen to please her whenever she's on the scene, and it's always an honor for them to receive a special award or visit from them; such awards being given include a Seal of Approval for Frostini's new "Maple Apple Dapple" flavor, "The Extra Mile" award when Koko's speed prevented a complete meltdown at the Ice Cream Factory, and Action Chugger's many awards for heroics.


Mayor Pullman usually wears a lavender dress with a golden necklace around it, along with a red bow in her hair and silver high heeled sandals. During the third and fourth seasons, she would wear a light green dress.




Chuggington: Badge Quest


Voice Actors

  • Floella Benjamin (UK)
  • Lachele Carl (US; Seasons 2-4)
  • Carla Fisher (US; Seasons 6 only)
  • Carla Dias (Brazil; Seasons 6 only)
  • Mervi Takatalo (Finland; Seasons 2 and 4)
  • Reeta Vestman (Finland; Season 3)
  • Ela Nitzsche (Germany)
  • Gerri Sorrells (Japan)
  • Elena Díaz Toledo (Latin America; Seasons 2-3)
  • Mariana Trenado (Latin America; Seasons 6 only)


  • Mayor Pullman's appearance has changed drastically throughout the series:
    • Season 3
      • Her face gains a slightly older appearance that closely resembles her British voice actor, Floella Benjamin.
      • She has red lipstick.
      • She now wears a light green dress and a red bow.
      • She now wears earrings.
    • Season 6
      • She reverts back to her original lavender dress that she wore in the second season.
  • She has a nephew called Denzil.