Magnetic Wilson


Mark Robertson

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Koko's Game

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Zephie's Star Club

First aired

5th December 2011

Magnetic Wilson is the 6th episode of Season 3.


Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Emery, Hodge, Zephie, Hoot and Toot have a tandem Chug-Tag match tonight. They all practise while Wilson and Koko have an advanced Storm Training lesson with Dunbar. While Dunbar goes, Koko and Wilson decide to skip a few levels. Wilson sets the machine to level 30 and Koko breaks her wheel and the Storm Machine. Morgan tells that there are no spare wheels and they may not be able to play. Wilson goes out with the electro-magnet wagon to find some metal. Unbeknownst to Wilson, Lori finds a spare wheel. Wilson then sets the magnet so high to get a tin can, the magnet gets him. On his Journey home, everyting that is attracted to magnets gets stuck on Wilson, many attempts from being shaken by Pete and Chatsworth, to Being rotatated on the Rotator are tried, but all fails. When the stormmaker is fixed, Wilson goes through it at level 50 and all the metal comes off. The Tandem Chug-Tag match is back on!




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