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“I did as you said. I looked down and I looked... up! Ooh, Dunbar, move!”
―Brewster warning Dunbar

Look Out Brewster is the fourth episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-third episode overall.


In the countryside, Brewster meets Dunbar, who instructs him on how to earn his "Lookout" badge- Brewster must find three problems that may affect the safety of the rails. Brewster then sets off. Firstly, he finds an open gate; figuring that animals may run onto the track, Brewster pushes the gates out of his way. He then warms up at a set of track warmers. Brewster also finds a plastic bag stuck on a crossing signal, meaning that he only has one hazard left to find.

Brewster passes by some more track warmers where two children building a snowman, but fails to notice that the warmers are not working. Simultaneously, Dunbar finds a lone squirrel looking for food at another station, which jumps onto the top of the station building, causing the snow on it to crack and begin to slip. Brewster, having missed his last hazard, soon finds himself at the end of the line where Dunbar is waiting. Brewster tells Dunbar that he only found two of the three hazards, but jumps in fear when he hears the snow slipping from the top of the station building. Brewster frantically tells Dunbar to move, stopping the snow from crashing onto him. Dunbar, impressed, tells Brewster that he has earned his badge as he spotted a real emergency. The two children who were building the snowman emerge from the station building and give Brewster his badge, but not before he gets a snowball thrown at him.


Rolling Stock[]







  • Despite wearing snow horns and lanterns, Brewster and Dunbar have their regular horn sounds instead of their snow horn sounds.
  • Because of the use of stock footage, Dunbar is shown clearing snow when he is supposed to be waiting for Brewster at Footbridge Station. It is also shown to be cloudy, which is inconsistent with the rest of the episode.
    • Additionally, due to the stock footage being flipped, Calley's lamps and pipe are facing the opposite side.

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