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Let's Ride the Rails! is a UK, US, Canadian and Australian DVD featuring six episodes from the first series. Being the first Chuggington DVD ever released, it would be distributed by 2 Entertain in the United Kingdom, Anchor Bay Entertainment in the United States, Phase 4 Films, Kaboom Entertainment and Nelvana in Canada and Roadshow Entertainment in Australia.


Honk your horns- toot! Toot! It's the traintastic world of Chuggington where eager engines Wilson, Koko and Brewster are learning to become working trains. For the three young chuggers there's always adventure, fun and excitement on the rails as they get into scrapes in a deserted town and the safari park, help each other out of trouble and discover the Repair Shed is not such a scary place after all.



  1. Braking Brewster
  2. Clunky Wilson
  3. Can't Catch Koko
  4. Old Puffer Pete's Tour
  5. Koko on Call
  6. Hodge and the Magnet

Bonus Features[]



  • The front cover for the British release of the DVD uses a slightly earlier design of Emery, with smaller eyes of inconsistent sizes.
  • The trailer for Chuggington Virtual World Tour would be the only surviving footage of the game after its shutdown before the discovery of gameplay footage from the YouTube channel thomastrain132.
  • This is the UK, Australia and the USA's first ever DVD release.


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