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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.

“Koko, I remembered! Morgan said your bulb needs changing!"
"Hehe! Too late.”
―Wilson and Koko

Koko on Call is the eighteenth episode of first season.


It's nearly the end of the day and Vee has one more job for Koko. Twiga the Giraffe is expecting her baby soon, so Koko needs to help Dr. Gosling during the night. Meanwhile, Wilson has just been fixed when Morgan tells him to give Koko a message. Koko's light bulb in her headlight needs changing, so she must not use it too much, otherwise it will burn out. Wilson goes to the Safari Park where he finds Koko, but forgets to tell her the message. Mtambo offers to pass on the message to Koko, but Wilson struggles to remember what Morgan said. Meanwhile, Koko takes Dr. Gosling back to his home and learns the route to his house, so that she'll remember which way to go.

Later, Wilson is about to leave when Mtambo asks him if he'd remembered the message for Koko, but Wilson is still struggling. So, Wilson goes back to the Roundhouse whilst Mtambo tells Koko about nocturnal animals and that Twiga is nocturnal too. Soon after Mtambo leaves the Safari Park, Koko sees Twiga acting strange, so quickly she sets off for Dr. Gosling's house. Suddenly, her light bulb burns out, but Koko remembers what Mtambo said about nocturnal animals and gets to Dr. Gosling's house safely. Just as Koko arrives back at the Safari Park, Wilson and Brewster arrive to tell Koko about her light bulb needing changing. By dawn, Dr. Gosling tells the three trainees that Twiga's baby giraffe is a girl.


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  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the first season.
  • Both Antarctica and Zimbabwe were mentioned in this episode, making this the first and only episode to acknowledge real-life locations.
  • As Mtambo rolls up alongside Koko, he says "Akwaaba Koko", which means "welcome" in the Akan languages. This word is mostly seen throughout Ghana's airports in Africa to welcome the new coming people as they arrive.
    • This could indicate that Mtambo was originally from Ghana until he moved in Chuggington.
  • This marks the first episode to be written by Brenda Scott Royce in any way.
  • Going by the European airing order, this is the nineteenth episode of the first season.


  • Throughout the entire episode, Koko is missing her second pair of wheel trucks on her right-hand side.
  • Harrison is missing a majority of his details such as his portholes, wheel trucks, handrails, fuel tank, vents, door handles and window frames. Additionally, his eyes are closed and he has a different horn sound.
  • When Wilson was struggling to remember what message to pass onto Koko, Koko's first pair of wheel trucks are missing.
  • At the Roundhouse, Vee is missing her screen.

Other Languages[]

Language Title
French Koko est de garde
German Koko in Rufbereitschaft
Japanese ココと暗やみ
Polish Nocny dyżur Koko
Spanish Koko de Guardia (Latin America)

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