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Title Card - Koko and the Tunnel
Vee Wilson, Brewster and Koko to the Trainng Yard, please.
[Horns honk as the trainees travel through the Deopt. They approach a red light.]
Brewster Stop chuggers!
[A horn honks and bells ring as Chatsworth passes the trainees and enters a tunnel. Koko looks curious.]
Koko Hey, does anyone know where this tunnel goes?
Brewster Emery said it went under the city.
Koko Ooh, I'm going to ask Vee.
Wilson But we need to make tracks, Koko. Dunbar's waiting for us.
Koko I'll just be two clickety-clacks.
[Koko backs up to one of Vee's loudspeakers.]
Koko Koko to Vee.
Vee Yes, Koko?
Koko Can we explore the underground tunnel?
Vee Not today, Koko. There are some important things to learn before you can go down tunnels on your own.
Koko But where does it come out? How long is it? Who uses it?
Vee All in good time, Koko. Now off you go.
[Koko looks disappointed.]
Koko Ooh, okay, Vee. See you later.
[Koko returns to her friends.]
Wilson Woo-hoo, it's training time.
[Wilson and Brewster race down the tracks. Koko stops outside the below ground tunnel and peaks inside. She honks her horn and races after her friends. The trainees arrive at the Training Yard and join Dunbar.]
Dunbar Okay, young chuggers. Today I'm going to show you how to switch tracks.
Brewster But don't tracks switch on their own?
Wilson Yeah, they just seem to know where you want to go.
Dunbar Only in the Depot. Once you leave here, you have to switch them yourselves.
Brewster (sighs) More things to think about.
Koko I bet it's easy to do.
Dunbar Easy when you know how. Okay chuggers, drive forward and go right at the track split.
[Brewster pulls forward and tries to go right on the track split. He grunts and fails to go right. Wilson makes the same attempt followed by Koko. All chuggers fail to do so.]
Wilson Huh?
Brewster It didn't work.
Koko Oh, I can't go right, it won't let me.
Wilson Why won't it move?
Dunbar Because the switches are pointing straight ahead. Do you see how the arrow shows you which way it goes?
[The chuggers back up behind the switch with an arrow pointing straight.]
Brewster Oh, yeah.
Dunbar Now watch.
Dunbar switches the arrow, pointing to the right.
Brewster How did he do that?
Dunbar Well, you each have your own control inside your –
[Koko drives down the track as Vee interrupts Dunbar.]
Vee Dunbar, I need you to go out on a job urgently.
Dunbar On my way, Vee. Sorry young chuggers, we'll have to finish this later.
[Dunbar honks his horn and leaves.]
Brewster Let's work out how to do it by ourselves, then Dunbar will be really pleased.
Wilson Yeah, great idea.
[Wilson looks at the arrow sign.]
Wilson Switch move over.
[Wilson closes his eyes. He opens them.]
Wilson Anything happened?
Brewster Nope.
Wilson Hm.
Brewster We have to find the control.
[Wilson grunts. His and Brewster's eyes cross. The sign doesn’t change. Their horns honk and Wilson groans. His light flickers.]
Wilson Must be one of these.
[Wilson horn honks and his door opens. The arrow remains the same.]
Wilson (groans) which one is it?
[Wilson tries again. He narrows his eyes, grunts, shakes and beeps. Wilson lets out a breath.]
Wilson Huh!?
[Wilson squeaks. His door opens and windshield wipers activate. The arrow remains in place.]
Brewster Maybe, we just have to think really hard about moving it.
Wilson Yeah, let's try that.
[Wilson crosses his eyes. He and Brewster shake as they try again. Koko returns.]
Koko Ah, this is riveting.
Brewster Well, have you got a better idea?
Koko Yeah, I'm going to explore that tunnel.
Brewster Honking horns, that's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
Koko Who's coming?
Brewster Not me.
Koko I didn't know you were such a scaredy chugger.
Brewster I'm not.
Koko Scaredy chugger, scaredy chugger.Come on, wilson, it'll be off the rails, a real adventure.
Wilson (gasps) An adventure? Woo-hoo! Okay, I'll come.
Koko Don't tell anyone what we're doing, Brewster.
Brewster Well, don't blame me if you get into car-loads of trouble.
[Koko and wilson leave.]
Brewster Don't be long, just a quick peek, okay?
[Brewster gets no response.]
Brewster Oh...
[Koko and Wilson travel towards the underground tunnel.]
Koko (giggles) This is so much fun.
[Koko rides the track down into the tunnel.]
Wilson Let's ride the rails.
[Wilson follows Koko into the tunnel. Their lights shine in the dark tunnel. Koko looks around excitedly. Wilson starts to look nervous.]
Wilson Maybe we should go back now.
Koko No way. We need to see what's on the other side, then we'll go home.
[Koko and wilson ride uphill in the tunnel. Birds start chirping; Wilson gasps as he and Koko exit the tunnel.]
Wilson Countryside!
[Wilson and Koko stop outside the tunnel.]
Koko Wow! It's so beautiful.
Wilson We must've come a really long way.
[Wilson follows koko down the track. They hear mooing in the background.]
Wilson Yikes, what was that?!
Koko Aw, it's just a cow.
[Cows walk alongside the tracks.]
Koko Hello.
[A cow moos back.]
Wilson Koko, we should go back now.
Koko But –
Wilson Koko, you promised.
Koko Oh, okay. Let's find somewhere to turn around. C'mon, betcha can't catch Koko! Go Koko, go Koko, go Koko!
[Koko pulls ahead.]
Wilson I want to go home.
[Back in the training yard, the arrow sign flickers between directions.]
Brewster Turn right, turn right.
[Brewster tries to turn onto a track. He fails to turn and skids to a stop.]
Brewster Honking horns.
[Brewster backs up.]
Brewster Oh, this is hard.
[ Peckham the dog joins Brewster.]
Brewster Hello, Peckham, I'm really glad to see a friendly face.
[Peckham sits and barks.]
Brewster I'm all on my own.
[Brewster honks his horn and his doors flap open.]
Brewster Oops, but, don't tell anyone, okay?
[Peckham barks in agreement. In the countryside, Koko and Wilson approach a switch with an arrow.]
Koko We can turn around here.
[Koko stops at the switch.]
Koko Uh-oh, a switch, and it's turned the wrong way.
Wilson Oh, bumpers! (gasps) Why didn't Dunbar finish teaching us how to move them?
Koko Maybe it will move if I drive towards it.
Wilson I don't think so, Koko.
[Koko races toward the turn in the tracks. She grunts when it doesn't switch. Koko makes multiple attempts until she bounces off the track.]
Koko Oh, no!
Wilson (gasps) Are you okay?
Koko Yes, but I can't move.
[Koko moves her wheels but she only blows dust from the ground.]
Koko I'm really stuck.
[Back in the Depot, Brewster travels with Peckham.]
Brewster (sighs) Still no sign of Wilson an Koko.
[Brewster looks at Peckham with concern.]
Brewster Oh, how long does it take to look down a tunnel?
[Peckham barks.]
Brewster Yeah, you're right, not long. What if something happened? Maybe I should tell Vee.
[Brewster backs up. In the countryside, Wilson looks thoughtful.]
Wilson Maybe, I can drive backward through the tunnel and get help.
Koko No, I don't want you to have an accident too. We'll just have to hope someone comes soon.
Wilson But nobody knows we're here except Brewster, and you told him not to tell anyone.
Koko I know. I shouldn't have done that.
Wilson So, what do we do now?
Koko If we hear anyone coming, we'll have to honk our horns loudly.
[Back in the Training Yard, Brewster looks uncertain.
Brewster What should I do, what should I do?
[Brewster sighs as he backs up to one of Vee's loudspeakers.]
Brewster Um, Vee, could you ask Calley to ride by, please?
Vee Sure thing, Brewster.
[Sirens blare and lights flash above Calley’s train barn. Calley drives into her underground shed and presses a button that lowers her beneath the shed. A turntable turns her to the rescue crane car with a hook and cable that she connects to before leaving down a tunnel. In the countryside, horns blare in the distance.]
Wilson (gasps) Someone's coming.
Koko Let's honk!
[Koko and Wilson honk their horns as Chatsworth pulling multiple hopper cars drives past.]
Chatsworth (UK dub only) Morning.
Koko Help!
Wilson (sighs) We're going to be stuck out here forever. (groans)
[Calley's sirens blare as she travels down a track.]
Calley Breakdown-chugger coming through-oooooooo!
[In the countryside, Wilson gasps as Calley’s siren blares in the distance.]
Wilson What's that?
Koko Sounds like Calley!
[Calley appears behind the Wilson and Koko.]
Calley Phew, I finally found you. Brewster said you went down the tunnel, but I never thought you'd be all the way out here.
Wilson Me neither.
Koko It's my fault. I wanted to know where the tunnel went.
Calley Vee told you that you weren't ready to go down tunnels by yourself.
Koko I know but –
Calley Didn't you think there might be a reason for that? Like it was for your own safety?
Koko I get that now.
Calley C'mon, let's get you back on the track.
[Calley turns the arm of her crane toward Koko and swings the cable. The hook of the cable connects to the back of Koko.]
Calley Hold tight.
[The cable retracts, pulling koko. Koko grunts as the cable pulls her back toward the tracks.]
Calley Easy. Nearly there.
[Koko is pulled back onto the track.]
Calley Great!
Koko Phew. Thanks, Calley. From now on, I'm not going anywhere until I know how to be safe on the rails.
Calley Good chugger. Now let's get you both back to the Depot safe and sound.
[Calley pulls ahead. Koko and Wilson follow the tracks that are now switched, turning them around back to the direction of the tunnel. Horns honk and sirens blare as they make their way back. Koko returns to roundhouse with Brewster and Wilson under a night sky.]
Wilson (yawns)
Brewster You know, it really wasn't a good idea to go off like that.
Koko I know. Sorry that I made you so worried. I'm lucky to have a traintastic friend like you.
Brewster Well someone's got to stop you going off the rails!
[The chugger friends laugh.]
Vee Good night, chuggers.
Wilson Night, night.
Brewster Good night.
Koko Sleep right
[The chuggers back into their roundhouses and their cabin doors close.]
Vee Sweet dreams.
[Above the roundhouses is the full moon.]
Brewster (giggles)