Koko and the Tunnel is the fourth episode of Season 1.


On the way to the training yard, Koko spots a tunnel near the platform. Curious, she asks Vee a multitude of questions about it but gets no satifactory answer. Later, she and Wilson sneak down it, but Koko comes off the rails! What will they do now?



  • When Calley is coming to rescue Koko, she is pulling a magnet car.
  • Brewster, Koko and Wilson couldn't switch the points in this episode, but in the previous episodes, they knew how to switch points.
  • If Koko is electric, when she comes off the rails her wheels would not be able to move. If Koko had jumped she should have gone straight forward.
  • The captions on the BBC iplayer misnames Calley as Kelly.


Other languages

Language Name Translation
German Koko und der Tunnel Koko and the Tunnel
Polish Koko i tunel Koko and the Tunnel
Russian Коко и туннель Koko and the Tunnel


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