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Koko and the Squirrels is the seventh episode of Season 1.


Koko is given a job to do by herself for the first time, collecting timber from the Timber Yard and taking it to the Paper Mill. After collecting a flat-bed from Dunbar, Koko sets off on her journey, only to realise that she is going down the Green Line, which is where Old Puffer Pete is.

Koko catches up with Old Puffer Pete and wants him to go faster. But, Old Puffer Peter tells her that going slowly and steadily is the best way to make a delivery. However, Koko quickly sees a set of points and speeds right past Old Puffer Pete, who gets worried that Koko will have an accident going too fast.

Later, Old Puffer Pete's worries come true when Koko brakes hard to avoid running over a young squirrel which had fallen from the tree whilst jumping over the tracks. Old Puffer Pete helps Koko, but they realise that jumping over the railway line between the trees is dangerous for the squirrels. Quick thinking, Koko decides to use a log from her flat-bed to make a bridge across the trees, which Old Puffer Pete fixes into place with his crane.

After helping the squirrels, Koko learns to take advice from Old Puffer Pete in the future.








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