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Koko Pulls It Off is the twenty-third episode of Season 1, but the twenty-fourth in production order.


Koko fails her test when she bumps the passenger car after Mr. Simpkins falls down. Mr. Simpkins told her not to take the retake until next year Koko gallivants off from her test crying when she met Irving, asking her if she wants to be recycled, but Koko doesn't want to and she told Irving the whole story. Irving then scolded Simpkins for taking things too far by being rude. This prompted Simpkins to apologize for his behavior. Simpkins then asks Koko if they start the test again and then Koko retakes her test. And most of all, Koko did pass. After the tests, Simpkins promises to behave nicely to chuggers from now on.






Other Languages

Language Title
French Une Seconde Chance Pour Koko - A Second Chance For Koko
Spanish Koko Lo Logra - Koko Makes It


  • Jimmy Hibbert, the writer of this episode, also provides the British voice of Mr. Simpkins.