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“Ugh, it has to be here somewhere."
"Koko to the Repair Shed, urgently, please. Morgan needs that part."
"...And I've lost it. Daley and Hanzo will be so disappointed in me.”
―Koko and Vee

Koko Express is the seventh episode of the fifth season, and the first part of the special, Delivery Dash at the Docks.


Koko learns that being careful and quick is the trick to being an express courier train.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This episode marks the first occurrence of a few things:
    • The first appearances of Daley, Skipper Stu, Harry, Hamish, Russ and Captain Charlie.
    • Dr. Ling's first appearance since the second season episode, Fault Finder Emery.
    • The first episode to have James Goode, Stephen Critchlow and Richard Ridings as part of the voice cast.
    • The first episode to have James Naylor and Harry Lawtey as part of the UK voice cast.
    • The first episode to have Jos Slovick and Nile Bullock as part of the US voice cast.
  • This episode marks the last occurrence of two things:
    • The last episode to be written by Lorelei King.
    • Speedy, Mr. Knot and Dr. Ling's last appearances to date.
  • Edited stock footage from Rescue at Rocky Ridge is used.
  • The portrait that Koko gave to the woman was a scene from the episode Trainee Camp.
  • A few shots from this episode are later recycled in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! shorts, Koko's Song and the Docks Song.
  • Skylar is voiced by Brendan Dooling as opposed to Jason Durran in the American dub due to his line being reused from Brewster's Crane Training.


  • Hanzo is portrayed with a different horn sound throughout the episode.
  • Harry and Hamish clip through the side of their shed entrances as Russ leaves from his shed.
  • Koko's plow, horn and left wiper are missing when she is in the underground tunnels.
  • When Russ leaves the turntable, he goes off the rails.