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“Koko, what are you playing at?/what do you think you're doing?"
"I'm at level eight, Eddie! Isn't that great?"
"No, Koko! It's not great!"
"You're obsessed with that game!”
―Koko and Eddie

Koko's Game is the fifth episode of the third season.


Koko gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge’s high score. She becomes so obsessed that she neglects to be safe on the rails.


Koko, trying to beat Hodge's high score, gets addicted to a Chugnav game. She pays no attention to her surroundings while on the tracks, causing all sorts of trouble to others with not finding Wilson and Brewster, forgetting to tow Old Puffer Pete to the repair shed and going through a red light causing Harrison to loose his load and damaging Chatsworth's coupler. Hodge tows Chatsworth and also Old Puffer Pete to the repair shed. Eventually she comes close to having an accident of her own. Eddie finds out all about it and takes the game away. Koko is upset, but when she arrives at the depot, everyone tells her off for neglecting her jobs and causing accidents. Koko learns she should pay attention in the real world.


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  • In the US credits, Lorelei King goes uncredited for voicing the Chugnav.