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“You have to think carefully about how you treat your cargo, Koko.”

Koko's Cargo, also known as Koko's Guard in one American release is the nineteenth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the nineteenth episode overall.


Koko arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs her on how to earn her cargo badge- she must go to the farm, where two different kinds of cargo are waiting for her. She quickly heads there. When Koko arrives, she spots packages of wool (which Vee specifies is for the knitting factory) and eggs for the market. She soon collects the loads and gets on her way, but is reminded by Vee to be gentle with the cargo, as eggs are quite fragile.

Koko soon finds herself on an old line, and takes a shortcut over the old bridge. However, the bumpy tracks nearly cause the eggs to break. As a result, Koko takes a new route and goes slowly, much to her dismay. At last, Koko arrives at the market, and carefully unloads the eggs. Vee congratulates Koko for her sensible thinking as she leaves for her next delivery. When Koko returns to the farm for the delivery for the knitting factory, she remembers that wool cannot break, meaning that she won't have to be late after all. After finishing the delivery, Koko returns to the Training Yard to earn her badge.


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  • In the American dub, Barbara Barnes is not credited for voicing Lori, possibly due to the fact that new audio may not have been recorded for the character during the production of this episode.
  • Chatsworth has a different horn sound when he passes by Koko.

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