— Koko's catchphrase

Koko is a Japanese electric engine. She is an advanced Trainee and she's one of the main characters of Chuggington. She is also the lead singer of the ‘Rockin’ Rollers` - a band she formed with fellow trainees Wilson and Brewster.


Unlike Wilson and Brewster, Koko is completely electric and uses her own power directly from the tracks beneath her. She'll often challenge others to a race, knowing full well that they don't stand much of a chance against her. Koko loves going flat out, whooshing ahead of the others, and has yet to learn that speed isn't everything. Koko is very confident and loves to explore and have adventures. Although mischievous, she is well meaning and gets upset if she causes her friends to get into trouble. Koko will always own up or apologise and try to put things right, once she has understood the full implications of her actions. She is an express engine, built for speed and pulling passengers. She likes to pretend she's a steam engine, by always saying, 'Choo Choo!' many times. She also likes to speak in third person.

Technical Details


Koko is based on the 0/200 Series Shinkansen, a Japanese bullet train. Koko has a large light on her front, which resembles a nose. The real 0/200 Series does not have this feature. instead, they have two smaller lights to either side of what would be the "nose" on Koko. Also the real 0/200 Series doesn't have an upturned nose, a large front bumper, or a set of three horns on top of their cabs. Unlike Koko, while she pulls her Speed Fleet passenger cars, the real 0/200 Series doesn't have flush rocket boosters on either side.


Koko is painted green and white on her body with purple lining and underbody. In the Season 2 premiere, Koko's New Look, Zephie painted her, out of anger, to look like a pirate. Unfortunately, it was permanent. So Koko had to be re-painted. As of season 4, she has optional built in speed boosters while working as part of the speed fleet.


  • Koko is the oldest of the trainees, although the real 0 Series was not built until 1964, making Koko much younger than Brewster and Wilson.
  • Koko considers herself the fastest chugger in Chuggington.
  • She often does things too quickly, resulting in accidents.
  • Koko gets power from the tracks which charge her battery.
  • In merchandising, Koko shares the same horn sound as Irving.
  • Koko has a craving for competition, and can hardly do a job without tagging someone to race.
  • She goes much faster if she says, "Go Koko, go Koko!"
  • She likes to say, "Betcha' can't catch Koko!" and "Chugga chugga choo-choo!"
  • In German, she says "Toot, Toot!" instead of "Choo, Choo!"
  • She is one of, if not the only Chugger with a mouth that does not move on a hinge joint, resulting in her mouth movement being in a vain of person’s.
  • In Polish, Koko's catchphrase is "Raz & dwa i tut tut!" (One & two and toot, toot!). This is because the series is not called "Chuggington" in Poland and any words containing "chug" would not be understood by the audience.
  • Also, in the Polish version, she sometimes says "Z drogi śledzie, Koko jedzie!" In English: "Out of the way herrings, Koko is on the way!"
  • Koko is the first trainee ever to win the speed badge.
  • Koko has a speed fleet.
  • She is the only fully electric powered trainee.
  • Koko has a front coupler inside of her plow, unlike her basis which had a front coupler inside of its nose.
  • Her basis locomotive is the alternate mode of Shouki from Transformers.
    • Her front basis would later be shared with Kenji from Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!.
  • Koko seems to be a train version of both Sally Carrera from Cars and Ishani from Planes.






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