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―Koko's catchphrase

Koko is a green and white electric engine. She is an advanced trainee and one of the main characters of the series. She is one of the passenger chuggers affiliated as a trainee for Speed Fleet.


During her first delivery outside of the Depot, a power cut occurred, causing Koko (an electric engine) to become stranded in the countryside while on her way to Tootington with her friends. Wilson and Brewster, who were not far behind, noticed this; Wilson took her back to the Depot while Brewster finished the night shift to Tootington himself.[1] Soon after, Koko would derail after adventuring off through a tunnel,[2] run into a little incident with some squirrels; gaining help from Old Puffer Pete afterwards[3] and would become the winner of the annual Chugger Championship.[4]

Another time, Koko went and found a lost puppy to which she grow fondly attached of. She was sad after returning him to his real owner, but was glad to take care of him during the time.[5] Koko soon went on call for Dr. Ling in the Safari Park while Twiga the giraffe was having her baby.[6] Later, Koko and the rest of the trainees were being tested for their passenger badges, but due a startle, it angered Mr. Simpkins, the minister testing them, and she failed. Luckly, Irving reassured him about Koko's mistake and he allowed her to retake the test - which she passed.[7]. She would also be in charge of the Recycling Yard with Wilson while Irving was away[8] and do a dance for Old Puffer Pete's 150th anniversary.[9]

When seeing Zephie with a brand new look painted by Lori, the both of them ended up in a "fashion" contest. They both ruined each other's looks, but they were able to get them off just in time before Koko had to carry the Mayor.[10] Koko also participated in a Chug of War,[11] a stunt for Action Chugger's new movie[12] and attempted to become Chugger of the Year, but that price landed off to Speedy.[13] Koko would then become the first chugger in Chuggington to ever earn the high-speed chugger badge.[14]

She later got addicted to a Chugnav game and tried everything she could to beat Hodge's score, causing disturbances for everyone.[15] She also damaged her wheel in the Storm Maker[16] and accidentally told away a secret about a moon dance happening at the Safari Park, almost ruining the event.[17]

Koko would eventually go on to join Speed Fleet with Hanzo; also receiving her own passenger service. Koko also received a removable speed booster, which, while efficient, was the culprit of numerous incidents, such as derailing at the edge of Rocky Ridge Mine,[18] nearly colliding with Brewster[19] and becoming a runaway.[20]

On the contrary, Koko has done many amazing things for Speed Fleet, such as creating a brand new tour for the Mayor,[21], pulling the Mayor while taking part in the Parade of Lights[22] and impressing the Tootington runner Payce by breaking her own speed record.[23]

Sometime later, Koko attended the Trainee Camp with her friends.[24] She was eventually tasked to work with Daley the Delivery Chugger to deliver mail to chuggers and people all around Chuggington. When assigned to get a part for Hanzo, Koko rushed in a hurry to get it, but was not careful and missed the box every time she passed the carousel - later learning from her mistake.[25]

One day, Koko managed to lose her confidence after derailing while taking a sharp turn by the Old Town Junction, but she regained her speed to save Brewster from similar trouble.[26] Around the same time, Koko, along with Pete, helped to create ice cream for Frostini,[27] she was awarded the Extra Mile award[28] and even got over her fear of the dark after being painted with glowing paint.[29]

After many years of defending her title as the winner, Brewster and Wilson would eventually win the Rip Roaring Relay Race; even so, Koko would still keep Zephie (who is not the fastest or strongest chugger for sure) as her partner indefinitely, after being very impressed by her keeping up with Brewster for the entire race.[30] Around this time, Koko along with Wilson and Brewster would form the band, the "Rock 'n' Rollers"; unfortunately however, on the morning of their first performance, Koko's horn broke. Despite many struggles, the three trainees were able to still make use of Koko's broken horn during their first performance.[31]


Unlike Wilson and Brewster, Koko is completely electric and uses her own power directly from the tracks beneath her. She loves to race others, knowing full well that they don't stand much of a chance against her. Despite having such pride in her speed, Koko still cares about her friends and never takes them for granted. While she often teased Wilson and especially Brewster in the initial seasons, she has grown to really appreciate them and, as of the sixth season, eventually even took up a peacemaker role in the trio.[4]

Even so, Koko still has a lot to learn. In addition to being overly competitive, she is also very adventurous and sometimes lets her curiosity get the best of her, causing problems for both herself and other chuggers. She also sometimes feels that getting revenge is her best option; most notably when she painted Zephie's face with spiders out of anger for her.[10] Despite her faults, Koko is still a chugger that you can count on, and she is proud to call Wilson and Brewster her friends.

Technical Details


Koko is loosely based on the 0/200 Series Shinkansen, a Japanese bullet train. Koko has a large light on her front, which resembles a nose. The real 0/200 series does not have this feature. instead, they have two smaller lights to either side of what would be the "nose" on Koko. Also the real 0/200 Series doesn't have an upturned nose, a large front bumper, or a set of three horns on top of their cabs. Unlike Koko, while she pulls her Speed Fleet passenger cars, the real 0/200 Series doesn't have flush rocket boosters on either side; this is where the large vents would be (originally they were a set of windows, which is where passengers would reside in). It is likely that she was modified into a more freelance design.


Koko is painted green and white on her body with purple lining and underbody. As of Series 4, she has optional built in speed boosters while working as part of the speed fleet. In Glow Koko, she was temporarily painted in a glow in the dark green livery.




Koko would have also played a role in the cancelled special, High Speed Action.

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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Can't Catch Koko You for a Day

In the Chuggington Interactive Railway toy line, Koko is incorrectly depicted with Irving's horn.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Chuggington Interactive Railway Chuggington Interactive Railway
First used Last used Sound Effect
Honk Yourself Awake Honk Yourself Awake

In the second season episodes, Snowstruck Wilson and Heave Ho Harrison and the Badge Quest episode, Pull Together, Koko is depicted with the high-pitch snow horn variant.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Snowstruck Wilson Pull Together


  • Koko is the oldest of the trainees, although the real 0 Series was not built until 1964, which would make Koko much younger than Brewster and Wilson.
  • She is the only fully electric powered trainee.
  • In Polish, Koko's catchphrase is "Raz & dwa i tut tut!" (One & two and toot, toot!).
  • In German, she says "Toot, Toot!" instead of "Choo, Choo!"
  • Koko is the first trainee ever to win the speed badge.
  • As stated in the episode The Record Breakers, Koko holds the record for the fastest speed going up-hill.
  • Koko has a front coupler inside of her plow, unlike her basis which has a front coupler inside of its nose.
  • Koko has the most iterations and variants out of any StackTrack model with a total of seventeen.


“Bet you can't catch Koko!”
―One of Koko's catchphrases[src]
“Chugga chugga choo choo! Fastest chugger coming through!”
―Another one of Koko's catchphrases[src]
“I just love crushing up rocks!"
"Just don't spill any on the tracks, "Ballast Brewster". I don't want to be slowed down by anything today!"
"I won't…”
―Koko and Brewster, Runaway Koko[src]